Momo Challenge Will Be Adapted Into a Horror Movie


We’ve had horror movies based on escape rooms and Slenderman, now prepare for Momo. According to Deadline, Orion Pictures will partner up with Vertigo Entertainment with producer Taka Ichise for this upcoming film. Once started as a viral hoax called Momo’s Challenge, we will now see this creepy figure on the big screen.

Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa sculpted the piece in 2016 for an art exhibit in Tokyo. Aisawa actually called the sculpture Mother Bird. This then was used by the internet, as all things are; in a manner not intended by the artist. Momo’s Challenge was a game that encouraged kids to endanger or injure themselves, which is why it stirred up such controversy.

For more reference, Kim Kardashian had shared the image to warn parents against the Momo messages that were hidden in Youtube videos. Youtube dismissed the reports, but endangerment reports had already surfaced from Scotland and Argentina in reference to Momo.

While the concept of Momo is certainly alarming, we can see why this kind of internet hoax would make the transition into a horror movie. The sculpture itself has urban legend roots – the legend of Ubume, who is a venomous, child-snatching bird from Japanese folklore.

What do you think about the Momo Challenge coming to the big screen?

Source: Deadline