Mothers Day Special: To the Real Heroes in our Lives

Mother’s Day Special

They were born in 1925, 1937, and 1963 respectively. I am not breaking any company secrets by saying that, it’s in the public domain. They lived the kind of lives that most young ladies did in their time. They went to school, played sports, made lasting friendships and married relatively early. As unremarkable as that may seem, it was just the tip of the iceberg for what was coming. They took on and accepted the most thankless job at times they could possibly do, they became Mothers.

As most Mothers know, this is not an undertaking that is taken lightly. It comes with a plethora of responsibilities and like the heroes we read about and watch in film, lives are in their hands. They take on this job knowing that but they accept it anyway, with perseverance, patience, and above all else love.

This in itself, would be reason to celebrate their courage, strength, and down right stubbornness at times. But this isn’t all that defines them. They are multitaskers supreme. Which is a much greater power than being a “Sorcerer Supreme,” Dr. Strange. They not only raised children, they took care of husbands, and held full time jobs. One of these powerhouse ladies even helped literally helped build the family home. She built it so well, when the time finally came for it be torn down, it refused. The roof was only being supported by two walls but like the person who built it, it would not be undone. She obviously infused some of her superpowers into it. Mom was like that. In the end, she was vanquished by various diseases and Alzheimer’s. Gone but not defeated.

The other two ladies were super in their own rights. In fact, through their constant endeavors and countless hours spent, they literally wore body parts out. In time, both had their hips replaced. Not with Admantium, like Wolverine. But still with enough metal to set off metal detectors. While this slowed them down for a short time, it did not deter them in anyway. “That is what heroes do.” Just ask Thor. They still had jobs to do.

And that is what they did. My wife’s Mother not only had to raise four children but also take care of Dad who had his first open heart surgery at an early age. Mom looked after him, tried to get him to eat right and take care of himself. Dad was not the best of patients. But she muscled through. Eventually, however, even with all her powers, she couldn’t  defeat heart disease and Dad passed on in 2006. She had fought for him until the end, and now it was someone else’s turn to carry the load. Mom has developed Alzheimer’s.

Fortunately, another hero has stepped in to try to save the day. She has proven to have the greatest powers of all, although I am admittedly biased. This paragon of strength not only provides care for her Mom, but also our autistic son, and her equally challenged husband (Your Author). This she does with patience (as much as she can muster), tenderness, and a love that if it could be measured, would blow the needle of the device doing it. When added to a full time job of running a temporary help service, she is saving people every day. It is no wonder that Mother’s wonder why they are not recognized with Mother’s Month instead of Mother’s Day.

So for all of you Mothers, Wives, and Guardians that make sacrifices everyday for your families, we here at GVNation salute you. It is without a doubt that YOU are our true Heroes. Happy Mother’s Day.