We are close to Valentine’s Day, so be prepared for some rom-coms! One rom-com I would like to talk about today is Leomark Studios’ Addicted to You. This movie comes from Mike Cochnar and stars Shane Hartline, Cat Alter, and Melissa Paulo.


Before I get into the plot of the movie, keep in mind that this movie is a little bit of a lower budget than say your Hollywood rom-coms. It does have some great callbacks to pop culture, iconic rom-com movie moments, and is full of callbacks from movies like 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked up.

The Plot

The main character is Luke. Luke had been conditioned by his uncle at an early age to never fall in love. Because of this advice, he’s turned into a major bachelor in his adulthood. This lands him in a bit of trouble when his new co-worker Aimee and him sleep together and she gets really attached. Now, I have to say that Aimee really overexaggerated her part here. Aimee is a girl that is going to remind you of a combination between the crazy girl from Wedding Crashers and the crazy girl from 40-Year-Old Virgin. She falls in love quickly and easily with Luke. This is a manwhore’s worst nightmare.

Luke’s equally bachelor friends convince Luke that he must confess to Aimee that he is a sex addict and cannot continue the relationship, as it is damaging to his recovery. Luke’s friends are very animated and at times, too animated. Especially compared to Luke, who is probably the most mild-mannered of them all. Eventually, throughout the movie; his friends become calmer and reflect within themselves that their lifestyle is just not working for them and they become a lot more grounded.

Kara is the Best Character

Back to Luke. Luke ends up going to a sex addiction meeting due to his boss finding out about his “addiction” and confessing his own struggles with sex addiction. From there, Luke meets Kara, a very smart and resourceful journalist. Kara definitely is my favorite in this movie. She is warm, sympathetic, but also incredibly smart. Once Kara and Luke get together, the film is transformed into more of a grounded film and the two actors work really well off each other. I also liked Kara’s relationship with her roommate Andre and felt that we needed more Andre.

Rating: 3/5

If you are looking for a rom-com that has the feel of the early 2000s rom-com, I definitely suggest Addicted to You. It may not be the best-acted movie (on some of the actors’ parts, and it may have been the script as well), but once everyone stops overacting a bit, it really becomes a cute and lighthearted movie. It has all the makings of what you look for in a rom-com and in the end, everyone grows. Everyone realizes that it’s better to just be themselves and only then, will you find real happiness.

We need to support more indie films. And since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we need rom-coms. That is why you should purchase Addicted to You to watch this February 14th. You can find the movie by clicking here and enjoy a 20% discount by using the coupon code IAmAddicted.

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