Casting announcements such as Kahyun Kim as New Media and Devery Jacobs as Sam Black Crow were both well publicized prior to American Gods’ second season. But, why wasn’t it announced that Luke Cage’s Mustafa Shakir would be in it as well!?

Eneba Many GEOs

Last month I posted an article that speculated that Shakir had seemingly hinted that he would be playing Baron Samedi in the second season and now I can officially confirm it based on an Instagram post the actor recently shared:

We already know Mad Sweeney is heading to New Orleans, stating to Laura in the second episode that he knew a devil there. In the third episode, everyone’s favorite leprechaun expressed to the “dead wife” that she was going to need the Baron. Baron Samedi is a Voodoo god, but apparently, Sweeney is confident that he can help Laura’s little “situation” and bring her back to life.

We aren’t sure when Samedi will be exactly showing up, but as an American Gods and Luke Cage fan, I’m excited!

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