Narcos: Mexico Releases Official Trailer for Third and Final Season

Narcos/Narcos: Mexico has been consistently putting out great content on Netflix for years. With the reveal that the third season of Narcos: Mexico will be its last, it seems the show is going all out. While seasons one and two centered primarily around taking down Felix Gallardo, we [the fans] didn’t originally know who would be the focus in season three. There’s so many factions left after Felix’s imprisonment, so there were many possibilities for season three.

With the release of the official trailer, we do see that the focus will be on many of the familiar characters (and new ones). However, it seems that the season will heavily focus on Amado (Jose Maria Yazpik), who in real-life did go on to become a huge part of the criminal cartels in Mexico.

Check out the trailer below:

I love good music in trailers and this trailer killed in with including Black Hole Sun. I also have a better feeling of what we’re going to experience in the final season. Things are looking bigger and crazier than the previous seasons, which is saying a lot. Season two was my favorite out of the previous two, but I think season three is going to take that spot. At least, from the looks of it.

Season three of Narcos: Mexico hits Netflix on November 5.

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