You may be able to see Black Widow early, if you’re an NBA star.

The NBA is looking to resume the basketball season for eight games before sending sixteen teams to the playoffs. The season was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to resume, the NBA league will send twenty-two teams to Orlando, Florida. There, the season will be hosted at ESPN World Wide Sports at Disney World. The staff and players will stay at the Walt Disney World resorts. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the plays will have limited access to outside entertainment.

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So, on top of players having access to DJ’s, musicians, and comedians, Black Widow is on the menu. NBA insider Kevin Smith tweeted:

“Per Walt Disney World Sources: Disney will make movies available for players and their families (once they join). This is likely to include movies that have not been released to the general public, including Marvel’s Black Widow.”

I would have to say…why? Currently, Black Widow is slated to release in theaters on November 5th. The Marvel film was meant to release early this year, but was pushed to November due to the outbreak. Fans worldwide have been waiting for Black Widow and have even asked for the MCU film to be released on Disney+. At least, some have. So, the idea that a group of people will get to see the film before the public doesn’t necessarily seem fair. It also opens up the door for spoilers being posted, which Marvel is usually very careful to put a stop to.

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