NBA Star Boban Marjanovic Says He’d Win In a Real Fight Against Keanu Reeves

The John Wick franchise has featured a lot of cameos of familiar faces. One being NBA star Boban Marjanovic. The Mavericks player cameoed in the third John Wick as Ernest. While his screen time only lasts a little over a minute, he was certainly a big threat to Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. After a fight in a library, John Wick took out the assassin. Only, it was just the first of many in John Wick 3: Parabellum who would try to kill the titular character.

In a recent post-game interview on Inside the NBA on TNT, cohost Charles Barkley asked Marjanovic:

“If that happened in real life and it wasn’t in the script, wouldn’t you kick Keanu Reeves’s ass?”

Boban enthusiastically responded:

“Of course my friend.”

Due to Ernest dying in the third John Wick, Boban can’t return for a round two with Reeves. But, Shaquille O’Neal affectionally nicknamed the 7’4″ basketball star “You rang?” – which is clearly a nod to the Addams Family’s character Lurch. Perhaps the Serbian star could play the daunting butler in a live-action remake if it ever happened?

Source: Screen Rant

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