If you are like me you watch the NBA from time to time. I mean it’s like watching superheroes play basketball. They’re bigger, faster, and stronger than your average person and do superhuman things. However, over the past, five to seven years its seemed way too predictable. You could skip the season and guess that either Golden State or whatever team Lebron James was on would be in the championship. Great if you’re a fan of them but at times almost pointless to watch for the casual fan. It seemed to take off when Lebron left the Miami Heat to go back to his former Cleveland Cavaliers team. The Cavs weren’t very good at the time, but they were determined to get King James some help. Thus, the Superteam was born. The organization rounded up as many big named talent that they could. While the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics were superteams with each having their “big 3,” the league wasn’t as one-sided.

After a Lebronless playoffs this year, we still had the Avengers of basketball, the Golden State Warriors in the championship for the fifth consecutive time. Unfortunately, they were taken down by the NBA android, Kawhi Leonard, and his Raptors of Toronto. Subsequently, Leonard wanted to leave, even after winning the title. I don’t get it either. Furthermore, it all led to a big summer of free agency and the Draft. Many anticipated seeing who would pick Zion Williamson after New Orleans traded Anthony Davis to the Lakers. Of course, it was New Orleans that pick him as their superstar for the future. As a result of that trade deal, Lebron now has a 6’10” Davis on his team to form one hell of a dynamic duo.

Yet, the Lakers are not the only team to make big moves during free agency. In a gigantic deal, the Oklahoma City Thunder trade Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul, according to ESPN. A deal that reunites Westbrook with his former teammate James Harden. So, we have James and Davis on the Lakers and Westbrook and Harden in Houston. Kawhi acquired his trade to the Los Angeles Clippers along with Paul George. The Brooklyn Nets now have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Al Horford joins Joel Embiid on Philadelphia, and moves are still being made around the league. Who will join Jimmy Butler in Miami or Giannis in Milwaukee? Will Amari Stoudemire end up back on a team? This upcoming season might be the most exciting in recent years. What do you think?

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