We had previously announced the upcoming publications coming from NeoText. Now Arthur C. Clarke Award-Nominated Writer Adam Roberts and Renowned Artist François Schuiten Present THE COMPELLED.  The first part of a two part tale, it is a Haunting Sci-Fi Novella Puzzle from NEOTEXT

THE COMPELLED is the First Book-Length Sci Fi Publication from François Schuiten, recipient of the Angoulême International Comics Festival’s Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Press Release

(Aug 25) NeoText is a new digital publishing company dedicated to publishing short-form prose. These range  from science fiction and noir novellas to investigative journalism and narrative nonfiction.

In this context, they published THE COMPELLED, a sci-fi novella from Arthur C. Clarke Award-nominated writer Adam Roberts and artist François Schuiten in August. It will be published in two parts with part one released recently on August 25th. Here is the synopsis as revealed by NeoText.


A mysterious change has occurred in humanity. Nobody knows how, why or exactly when this change came about. But disparate, seemingly unconnected people have become afflicted with the uncontrollable desire to take objects and move them to other places.

Once  transported, the objects gather and begin to form increasingly alien, monolithic structures that appear to have vast technological implications.

Some of the objects are innocuous everyday things. Like a butter knife taken still greasy from a breakfast table. Or perhaps a dented cap popped off a bottle of beer. Others are far more complex—like the turbine of an experimental jet engine. Even the core of a mysterious weapon left over from the darkest days of WWII.

Where is the Compulsion coming from? And— more importantly—when the machines they’re building finally turn on, what are they going to do?

If you’re a fan of great sci-fi, NeoText might be a great source for you. With works like The Compelled, they are making award winning writers and artists available to even greater audiences. Look for future announcements from NeoText when they come public here at Geek Vibes Nation.

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