When the EW cover of the upcoming Aladdin movie by Guy Ritchie dropped on social media, people had a lot to say. Not necessarily good though. Whereas the Lion King trailer received praise, this tease to the live-action version of a Disney classic animated film is not feeling the love. One of the biggest critiques? Will Smith as the Genie. The role was made famous by the late Robin Williams, who ad-lipped most of the lines, and James Monroe Iglehart for Broadway’s version of Aladdin. The biggest criticism, though; for Smith’s rendition seems to be the fact that he’s not blue.

Eneba Many GEOs

We expect the Genie to be blue, do we not? No worries, is what we’re being told. Will Smith himself took to social media to say that yes he will be blue and that the Genie will appear mostly in CGI for the film. What we see now is his “human” form when he’s in disguise, as a giant blue Genie is sure to garner some attention. Most of the reason why we aren’t seeing this is that the CGI for the movie isn’t done yet, but we’re being assured that what we see isn’t exactly what we’re going to get. Which, seems to be a good think after examining the reaction on Twitter.

What are your thoughts?

Aladdin hits theaters May 24, 2019.

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