New Details on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reboot Reveals an Older Leatherface

In case you didn’t know, Leatherface is getting a new…face. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is getting the reboot treatment. Supposedly, yesterday filming was supposed to begin for the reboot. Considering the whole entire entertainment industry has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this obviously didn’t happen. Still, we can revel in details surrounding the reboot, provided by the Illuminderdi.

Fede Alvarez is producing the reboot, joined by Pat Cassidy, Rodo Sayagues, Ian, and Kim Henkel. Ryan and Andy Tohill are directing, while Chris Thomas Devlin is screenwriting.

The New Leatherface

Production is looking to find a new face to don the Leatherface, which has been listed under the casting call as Kenny. This reboot will have “Kenny” as a 60-year-old man with a big build, who wears “church clothes that are too tightly fitted”. Illuminderdi states that he is described as complex, even though he doesn’t speak. Leatherface will express himself through “guttural noises”. When he’s not killing people, he watches TV. Doesn’t he sound relatable?

Another character listed is Mrs. Mc, who helps calm Kenny’s temper tantrums. Mrs. Mc will be a 70-80 year old woman with a warm and honest presence to her. Illuminderdi states she fosters abandoned children and the casting call is looking for a woman of any ethnicity.

The Protagonists

As for who we will be following in this reboot, it’s two sisters – Melody and Dreama. Melody is the older sister at 25-years-old, who forces her young teenage sister to come with her to Texas on a business trip, which will certainly be the trip of their lives. Melody is described as the “moneymaker”, while Dreama ia an amateur photographer and is noted as being wheelchair-bound. Melody drags her sister to Texas in fear of leaving her alone.

As we find out more, we will let you know. But, what do you think about the details provided? The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was made in 1974 and has since spawned seven other films. Some being sequels, remakes, and alternative universes. Which is your favorite Texas Chainsaw Massacre film?

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