New Details Regarding The Tone For DC’s ‘GREEN LANTERN’ Series Has Been Revealed

In case you’ve forgotten, WarnerBros. is developing a Green Lantern series for HBO Max. While there isn’t a lot of information known about the series and it wasn’t even featured during the last DC Fandome, the Illuminerdi has revealed some interesting tidbits of information.

According to the news outlet, the Green Lantern series is expected to have a dark tone to it. Something akin to the Watchmen series. While the Green Lantern Corps is literally in space, it’s reported that each character will have a grounded and serious story to them.

The Illuminerdi reports that we’ll see Alan Scott dealing with his sexuality during the 1940s. Alan will be dealing with the mental and emotional toll that hiding ones’ true self comes with. We’ll see new character Bree Jarta dealing with racism and sexism in the 1980s and Jessica Cruz dealing with PTSD as well as anxiety. Simon Baz will also be dealing with racism and xenophobia.

What do you think about the Green Lantern series taking a dark tone?

Source: The Illuminerdi