In the original Halloween, Nick Castle played the role of “The Shape” spending most of that time in the iconic Michael Myers mask. While he set the blueprint for the sequels that followed, Castle admitted that was not his main motivation to take on the job. He stated that the only reason he originally accepted the opportunity was for a chance to see for himself what goes into film direction. Castle shared this information with

“My only reason for being on the set was to kind of demystify the directing experience for me, because [director] John [Carpenter] was a pal, they were shooting the majority of this near my house, really, and he said, ‘Well, why don’t you just be the guy walking around in the mask and you’ll be here the whole time.”

This was time well spent as he eventually directed movies like The Boy who could Fly, The Last Starfighter and Major Payne. As it was, Castle was not the only one to don the mask as even co-writer Debra Hill filled in for a couple of scenes.

Does the look back at the original Halloween prime you for the newest incarnation? Did you know the “Shape” was a director in his own right? I didn’t. Share your views here at GVNation.

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