Team Ninja have officially announced Nioh 2’s release date as March 13, 2020. If you can’t wait till then, players can get a taste of Nioh 2 in its open beta which is currently live right now.

Nioh 2’s open beta is available right now on the PlayStation Store and will run through to November 10, sitting at 12.51GB. You can either brave the beta solo or party up with friends in two or three-player co-op. Of course, online features will require a PS Plus Subscription.

The Open Beta will give players the chance to experience the game’s new and improved combat system, as well as new weapons like the Switchglaive and an extensive character creator system.

What to Expect

As the beta starts, players get to enter a place called the Interim. The Interim acts as a safe zone where you will be able to choose your weapons and test out the basic moves to get you ready for the real heart of the demo. Players will have two levels and two bosses to defeat (both of which are said to be fairly tough battles). Completing the beta will reward players with The Mark of the Demon Slayer, a reward which unlocks the Kamaitachi Helmet for players to equip when the full game launches.

Team Ninja producer Fumihiko Yasuda stated on the Official PlayStation Blog “I know many of you have been waiting and we thank you for your patience while we worked to set an official date. One of the primary reasons for not rushing to set a launch date was to ensure that we can achieve a “genuine evolution” from Nioh, which to us meant that we needed to bring in fresh new elements while retaining the things that we felt were right from the first game. Although there weren’t enough significant changes in the Alpha, we now feel that we have come much closer to reaching our goals.

Pre-orders Available Now

For those of you interested in picking up Nioh 2, pre-orders for the game on PS4 are available right now. There’s been no mention of the game coming to PC as of yet but based off the first game I think we can expect Nioh 2 to be making its way over there at some point in the future.

If you’re a newcomer to the franchise you can also catch up in time for Nioh 2 as the original game is free as part of November’s PS Plus lineup. Be sure to stay tuned to GeekVibesNation as we’ll be breaking down the open beta with our first hands-on impressions.

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