The Infinity Saga and Phase 3 of the MCU is coming to an end with the release of Far From Home in July, leaving fans guessing what will be next in Phase 4 and the next saga in the MCU. The opportunities are endless with Disney acquiring Fox. This deal has opened many doors that could introduce fan favorites like the Fantastic 4 and mutants of any kind (X-Men). Below is what I would like to see in future phases and next saga in the MCU. I have not included any of the confirmed Disney+ TV series.




With Thanos out the picture, the Avengers have seen their greatest threat since the Avengers Initiative brought together the group of heroes. With the focus of EndGame being time travel it sets up the next saga of the MCU.


We already know a couple of films to expect in phase 4 of the MCU, but Marvel could always add or take away from the projected films.

  1. Dr. Strange 2

The sequel to the first film that introduced Dr. Strange to the MCU has been confirmed to be happening. Strange played a pivotal role in the last two Avengers films, and if Marvel decides to go the time travel route, dare I say it Strange could be the Iron Man of the Next saga. The antagonist of the planned film is still up for debate. The first film did set up Mordo to be the antagonist, but I would like to see a different character introduced in this film. The character Nightmare would be a fresh add to the MCU and a tone setter for the next saga of the MCU. Nightmare is the ruler of a “Dream Dimension”, where tormented humans are brought during their sleep. He roams the realm on his demonic black horned horse named Dreamstalker. Nightmare has had run-ins with Spiderman and many other characters.

  1. Black Panther 2

Another one of Marvel’s many successes Black Panther is confirmed to be getting a sequel. Not much is known about the sequel, except for the fact that most of the original cast will be back for the sequel. Along with the cast coming back Ryan Coogler is expected to start writing the screenplay within the next year or two. The antagonist of the film is still unclear, but EndGame may have dropped a hint. In the scene where Natasha is talking to the holograms in the Avengers complex, Okoye brings up an earthquake under the sea. Coud this mean Namor is coming to the MCU? This could be a safe bet with Michael B. Jordan confirming he will not return as Kilmonger.

  1. Black Widow

Another movie that has been confirmed by Marvel is the standalone Black Widow film. Not much has developed on the project besides for Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland (Berlin Syndrome), is set to direct the film, while Jac Schaeffer (The Hustle) wrote the script. We know Scarlett Johansson wants to reprise her role, even though it seems like that may be hard to do given her sacrifice in EndGame. This film is also reportedly going to be a prequel exploring Black Widow’s origin, so the amount it is going to effect the MCU may be minimal.

  1. The Eternals

A film based on The Eternals is quickly gaining speed. Reports claim that it will focus on Sersi, the “part-time” Avenger who specializes in illusion, transmutation and other magic-like powers and has nothing to do with Game of Thrones. Casting has began to heat up on the project in early 2019. Angelina Jolie is on board, presumably as Sersi. The Big Sick’s Kumail Nanjiani has also been reported to enter talks to join her, although we don’t know in which role yet. Chinese filmmaker Chloé Zhao has signed on as director. This could be a pivotal film in the fourth phase of the MCU. This film could potentially set up the Celestials.

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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Or should I say Asguardians of the Galaxy? With Thor joining the Guardians at the end of EndGame this could be a different film than the first two. What we do know is that James Gunn is returning to direct the film. After Infinity War, it looked like maybe the third Guardians movie would just have to follow Rocket and Nebula. However, the snap was reversed and Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Groot are all back and in one piece. Gamora  is also alive again in the MCU, except it’s a Gamora from a past timeline in 2014, meaning she doesn’t have the history with the Guardians. It looks like the third movie will revolve around the search for Gamora.

The third Guardians of the Galaxy film should wrap up Phase 4 of the MCU. Marvel may add or remove films from this phase. I would like to see Warlock brought into the picture during the Guardians film, whether he is a character in the plot or a post credit scene setting up Phase 5.


This is the phase where I would like to see some new characters introduced into the MCU and some of the Fox characters making their way into the cinematic universe.

  1. Captain Marvel 2

At the end of Captain Marvel we see a younger version of Ronan and Carol Danvers cross each other’s paths, with Ronan saying he will be back for the girl (Danvers).  Why include Ronan at all if you didn’t want to use him? Considering Ronan died at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems more likely that we’ll see him and Carol Danvers clash at some point in the years between 1995 (when Captain Marvel is set) and 2014, the time period of the first Guardians movie. Unless there is time travel involved, of course. A future movie could show what happens when Carol returns to the Kree planet, encounters old mentor Yon-Rogg again and takes on both Ronan and the Kree culture’s Supreme Intelligence.  This connects the dots between this film and the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie without having to be too tied in to the main Marvel continuity.


  1. Warlock

Warlock has been teased in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World, and most recently the second Guardians film, and this could be the perfect time to give him his own film. With time travel being an important centerpiece for my projected saga, could we see the return of Thanos in the MCU? After all Warlock has been known to obtain and hold the infinity gauntlet. This film like the first Captain Marvel movie, could be a prequel arc, but its ending could have an effect in the MCU for future films.

  1. Fantastic 4

The fans could finally get a Fantastic 4 film we deserve/want with it finally being connected to the MCU. I don’t need to see an origin story like the past films have done, but however, I would like to see a film with substance and a great plot. The antagonist here could be the iconic Dr. Doom. This would be the first of newly acquired characters to be added into the MCU, and can set up the next big villain post Thanos. With this film we could get just a little teaser of who the next antagonist for the new group of heroes is. This could be done simply like they did with Thanos…maybe a post credit scene in ancient Egypt teasing Pharoah Rama-Tut, which we know is Kang the Conqueror.

  1. Ant-Man 3

Ant-Man’s role in EndGame was immensely important, introducing time travel in the MCU. The third film could follow the story arc of the comic Second Chance Man. After getting a new chance at life Lang eventually screws it up. Could this happen when he decides to go back into the quantum realm? While in the realm he could see multiverses within it, all showing different versions of his life. One of which could show a war going on that is yet to happen, much like Stark’s nightmare vision. Another one of could show the antagonist of the film Madame Macabre. This villain will enable the screenwriters to include the Wasp in the action. Mid-credit scene could tease Cassie getting involved with the Ant-Man technology. A post credit scene could see Lang on a planet, where there is a battle ridden field, and we hear the sound of Mjolnir and see it zoom past Lang.

  1. The “Death” of Thor

One of the original Avengers lasting this long in the universe would be an incredible feat. As much as it would tug at the heart strings of lifelong MCU fans, it does seem like a necessary step in the right direction. Yes, I know Thor is a God, but so was Odin and we saw what happened to him. This film could find inspiration from the Fear Itself storyline where Thor dies battling the serpent. Or this film could take another spin where Thor doesn’t actually die, but ends up in a hibernation state to be woken up at a later date. Post credit scene here could set up a team up movie, which would be the first since EndGame.

  1. Avengers Academy

This would not be exactly like the comic book story arc, but could have an impact on the MCU. In this film, we could see many characters return to be instructors like the old Cap (which I would love), Professor Hulk, Pepper Potts for her late husband Tony Stark (still not over that), Black Panther and Valkyrie. Lang and Strange could also make appearances. The new group of Avengers could end up being Spiderman, Cassie Lang and the Fantastic Four. The tone of this movie will be different from films in the past. The antagonist would be someone that the new heroes could fight possibly alongside the instructors. The Celestials would be a good choice here. Many of the instructors have fought Thanos, so this is currently right up their alley. Captain Marvel could even make an appearance helping the team out. The heroes will win, but stumble upon something much larger. The post-credit scene could be another set up for Kang the Conqueror.

This “Avengers” film will wrap up phase 5 of the MCU leading to the culminating phase 6 where we see the greater threat coming forth.


This phase will see a new group of heroes fighting a threat that is much larger than expected over the past two phases.

  1. Strange 3

This would be a great opportunity to reintroduce time manipulation which is the center of this new saga. I believe this would be the better story arc for Mordo to be the antagonist. This film would see Strange win, but having an eerily similar vision to that of Lang in the Ant-Man film. A post-credit scene could tease a meeting with the Fantastic 4.

  1. Fantastic 4 Sequel

This would be a quick turnaround depending on when they release the first film. However, with Kang being the greater threat a sequel is needed to set up his storyline. I am not saying he will be the antagonist here. The antagonist here would be Silver Surfer, another iconic character in the F4 franchise. With the Silver Surfer being a cosmic enemy, this could also lead to a run in with Warlock.

  1. Incredible Hulk

It is about time fans get another standalone film for the Hulk since the recasting. This film can be set in the same period as all the events going on, but have little effect on the universe. The antagonist for this film would be another famous Hulk villain HalfLife. HalfLife would be a different tone than usually expected from their new films. The post-credit scene can be Professor Hulk messing around with time travel, given his lack of skills in that area, stumbling upon a future where the earth is decimated.

  1. Spiderman 3

Wrapping up a trilogy, this new Spiderman film can have the iconic Green Goblin as the antagonist. The film could see Peter Parker facing his greatest test since Thanos, considering this would be a personal test. This can give fans the pleasure of seeing the famous back and forth between Osborn and Parker, they have been waiting for years.


  1. Black Panther 3

The trilogy can be wrapped up with a film focused on the evil that occurs when Wakanda opens up to the public. The villain I would like to see would be Ulysses Klaw. Klaw has been a staple in the MCU for years, and could be a pleasant surprise for fans. This could lead to cameos by Dr. Reed as T’Challa needs help figuring out how to defeat Klaw. The post-credit scene could set up what has been waiting for the new group of heroes.

  1. Avengers Film (Pt. 1)

If the infinity saga taught us anything, it is that fans don’t mind an Avengers film being split into two parts. This film will show the journey over the course of the time-travel saga that has been taking place. We will see Kang’s origin story portrayed on the silver screen. We will see time travel utilized for evil. Nathaniel Richards, a 31st-century scholar and descendant of Reed Richards, becomes fascinated with history and discovers the time travel technology created by Victor von Doom. He travels all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Richards then tries to return to the 31st century, but overshoots by a thousand years, discovering a war-torn Earth that uses advanced weapons they no longer understand. He finds it simple to conquer the planet, expanding his dominion throughout the galaxy, and reinvents himself as Kang the Conqueror. But this future world is dying, and so he decides to take over an earlier, more fertile Earth. Insert Lang and Strange. These two characters have the most experience with time travel, and had the same vision earlier about this happening. Knowing he (Kang) is a descendant of Dr. Richards, Lang and Strange seek out the Fantastic Four. Along the way they run into, Hulk and he expresses his vision of the earth. While in New York the new group runs into Peter Parker who tags along on the adventure. This journey could lead to an altercation with Dr. Doom about his time travel technology, but in the end the technology is still developed. As soon as this happens, it is along the same lines as the snap, just not as extreme. At the end of the film we could see a fiery earth that is burned to ashes with Kang standing tall, with a lifeless Hulk’s head in his hand. This being the second time Earth’s mightiest heroes have lost. The mid-credit scene can tease the X-Men finally coming into the MCU, while the post-credit scene will tease Warlock and Captain Marvel coming to the aid.

  1. X-Men

The X-Men in the MCU has been a dream of mine and what time better than when the  future of the universe at hand. This group of X-Men will not be the ones we have seen in the past. This group will led be Bishop (who was portrayed in 2014 in Days of Future Past), but has the knowledge needed for this scenario. Alongside Bishop will be Sabretooth, Pyro, and Iceman. The villain in this movie would be a lower threat like Magneto to get the audience seeing this new team together. The mid-credit scene could tie in the second part of the Avengers film, while the post-credit scene teases the arrival of Wolverine.

  1. Captain Marvel and Warlock

Another prequel arc that has an effect on the MCU could be a team up film with Captain Marvel and Warlock. If Thanos is not in the Warlock standalone film, he could show up here. As the two go on a quest to get the infinity stones before Thanos. If successful the snap never happens, and the stones are able to be used at later dates. The mid-credit scene could set up the importance of Warlock and Captain Marvel in the second part of the Avengers film, while the post-credit scene could be a humor scene.

  1. Avengers Film (Pt.2)

Dealing with their defeat once again, the Avengers are forced to rethink everything they know, being down Hulk. There is a sense that the Avengers need more help than they expected. Needing more brains, Strange goes to Wakanda to recruit Shuri and T’Challa for the fight. While left in New York, Lang has a visitor in the newly formed X-Men, who give Lang some vital info. Lang instinctively questions the info, and makes the X-Men angry as they leave the building. The X-Men can be seen at a facility in Canada, where there is a tease of Wolverine. An older (like mid-late 20s) Peter Parker has a family with MJ and is completely off the grid, even from Kang. However, Warlock finds him. Warlock explains to him that he is needed to fight this battle. Parker pleads he doesn’t want to go, but MJ tells him to. Back in New York, the Fantastic 4, Lang, Strange, Shuri, T’Challa, and now Captain Marvel are brainstorming ideas to battle Kang. However, the only way the New Avengers are able to defeat Kang is by killing him. Killing him will not bring back anyone lost in battle. The Avengers are able to locate Kang leading up to the final battle. The last battle is where we see all the characters matched up against Kang and his army. There are many “ohh and ahh” moments in the battle, but the major one, is Wolverine emerging with the X-Men. The battle goes and towards the climax we see Warlock with the infinity stones battling Kang. Spiderman shows up with Warlock and helping out the others. Captain Marvel and Warlock use their abilities to pin him (Kang) down. During the battle though there is a fatality that could shake up the MCU. We see T’Challa not make it and pass the torch to Shuri like we see in the comics. As the battle winds down we see an older figure standing over Kang. This figure turns out to be old man Thor woken up from his hibernation with stormbreaker in his hand. Thor buries stormbreaker into Kang’s armored chest, but he cannot generate the lightning right away. As he attempts to generate the lightning, we see the rest of the heroes getting injured, some worse than others. Thor eventually gathers the lightning and fries Kang. However, while he does kill Kang, Thor is in no condition to recover. Thor the noble god, sacrificed himself for the universe. The battle is over and we see funeral scenes in Wakanda and Asgard, while seeing the rest of the heroes returning home to their families. Like EndGame there will be no post-credit scenes, symbolizing the end of another era.

What do you want to see in the future MCU? Are these movies you would watch? Let us know in the comments.

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