The CW’s The Flash is heading into its seventh season and as we look back at the series as I whole, I can conclude one thing: season two was the best. This is my opinion and you can disagree. But, looking at the series, my mind always goes back to the second season. To me, it was the best season for several reasons that I will outline in this article.

It Started Off With a Great Episode

Season two followed the crazy events of season one, where Caitlin lost Ronnie again. Reverse Flash had been defeated. And Barry had had at least a full season of figuring out who he was as a superhero. Right away, I felt that the first season was a great opener. Showing the somberness of Caitlin losing Ronnie and Barry dealing with the celebrity that Flash had gained in season one. The first episode was self-aware as well, with the team agreeing that no one else would be able to just simply step into Star Labs. And the episode ended with “Jay Garrick” promptly waltzing in, introducing himself to the team and the viewers.

One Word: Zoom

The Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom plotline was one of the things that made the season so enjoyable for me. Unlike with Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne in season two, the audience didn’t know something was up until much later in the season. For a good amount of time, we just thought Jay Garrick was from another Earth. And, season two introduced the multiverse and did it quite well. While Teddy Sears behaved like the ultimate good guy for the first half of the season, his reveal as the villain Zoom was one of the best reveals for me. The change in Sears’ acting was so good and the betrayal seemingly hit harder than the one in the season before. This deranged and twisted bad guy added so much to season two and I feel that the series could never top that.

Earth 2 Harrison Wells Was the Best

Another reason why I enjoyed season two so much was Tom Cavanaugh’s return as Harrison Wells – but, this time from Earth 2. Not only was the team weary of having someone who looked like the person who had betrayed them the previous season, but Harrison Wells from Earth 2 didn’t give a shit. He wasn’t the warm persona that season one Wells tried to put on. This Wells was hardened from the events that occurred on his Earth. He didn’t care that the others associated him with Tom Cavanaugh’s Eobard Thawne. He was willing to do anything to help his daughter, even if that meant screwing over the team from time to time. I absolutely loved the scene when Harrison revealed it was him stealing Barry’s speed.

Other Reasons

On top of that, season two introduced Wally West, brought back Barry’s father, explored Grodd, introduced a new love interest for Barry, and had a very cool scene with Black Siren interacting with Zoom. Plus, it introduced Killer Frost and so many cool doppelgangers. For the reasons listed here, I believe season two is the best season of The Flash. What’s your favorite season? What did you think of season two?

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