OSRS – How To Complete The Shield of Arrav Quest

The Shield of Arrav quest is a medium length quest of novice difficulty. It isn’t one that will cause you too many issues or OSRS GP, but there are some factors to consider. Sure, you will require 20 OSRS gold for it, but the only main requirement for the quest is that you have a player with you that you can trust. This is key for being successful in the quest, so be sure to choose someone who is close to you or a player that you can rely on.

How Do I Start the Quest?

This quest begins by going over to Varrock Palace. Go into the library hear to talk with Reldo. Around here, you will notice that there is a bookcase with a bright blue book on it. Start reading it and then go back to talk to Reldo.

Now, going forward you have two choices of gangs to join. You will need both halves of the shield in order to complete this quest. It isn’t a case of finding the right OSRS items for sale, as we have to go through to find a vital quest piece to get our reward. Next, we’re going to look at what you have to do to join each of these gangs. Let’s start off with the Phoenix Gang.

How to Join the Phoenix Gang

Go over to Varrock Square and talk to Baraek. You will find him at the fur trading location here, so speak to him to find out more about the gang. From this point, we’ll be going over to the hideout itself, which is also in Varrock. To get to it, go south-east to the building found in the bottom corner. Those who can’t pinpoint this location should go west of the Mage of Zamorak. Inside you’ll need to take a ladder down to the basement.

Next, talk to Straven here, after which you’ll need to go over to Varrock’s Blue Moon Inn to ge an intel report. With that in mind, the Blue Moon Inn is our next destination where we’ll need to kill Jonny the Beard. After doing so take the report back to Straven. You’ll now be a part of the Phoenix Gang, meaning we can finally get our hands on the shield piece. To do this head to the south-west area of the hideout to locate a chest. Open it up to get the Shield of Arrav half. You can now go to your friend or player partner to trade with them to get the Weapon Store Key.

How to Join the Black Arm Gang

Alternatively, you can get half a shield from joining the Black Arm Gang. Sticking with the Varrock area, go to the entrance to the south and talk to Charlie the Tramp. Once you’ve done that, go down the alley to find the hideout for the Black Arm Gang. Talk to Katrine here, before trading your partner with the Weapon Store Key that you need.

Go back out into Varrock and go south-east. Eventually you’ll locate another ladder inside a room that’s part of the chaos altar building. You’ll have the key at this point, which we need to use to get up the ladder here. After ascending said ladder, you can either use your telekinetic grab technique to get hold of the Pheonix Crossbows, or you can take out the weaponmaster yourself. No matter what method you decide to go with, we’ll be going back to Katrine with them.

Doing this will make you a member of the Black Arm Gang, meaning we can go upstairs to get the shield half. There should be a cupboard near the stairs that contains the other half of the shield. Take this back to Varrock Museum from here to find Curator Haig Halen and speak to them. Your partner will now need to trade you their half of the certificate so that you can combine it to make the completed certificate. Our final stop is King Roald in the castle, who you have to hand the certificate to. Doing this will complete the quest.

There you have it, you’ve completed the OSRS quest Shield of Arrav. If you have a trustworthy partner, then it makes the process much easier. You’ll not have to worry about going to buy OSRS gold to prepare either. Another reliable player is your main goal for this quest. Get that and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of OSRS GP, quest points and even Kudos for you to claim in Varrock Museum.

Have you completed this Old School Runescape: Shield of Arrav quest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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