One of the fan favorite characters in Parks and Recreation was Ron Swanson played brilliantly by Nick Offerman. Since the show’s end, Offerman has been mostly offered television comedies and independent films. In fact, in a recent interview with Men’s Health, Offerman lamented that studio movies “have no interest in me. Most genres of entertainment are not interested in me.”

While this may be true at the present, that doesn’t mean that Offerman hasn’t thought about the possibility. Especially if an opportunity to work with Thor Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi arose.

I think there are those big franchises — Marvel or Star Wars or whatever — all hold within them examples of wonderful, great creativity, and also examples of less good material.  Depending on what they brought to me, and where I was, and what I had available? If Taika Waititi’s name is involved, then I will come running.

Of course, Waititi has been on a roll lately. Especially with his recent Oscar win and his upcoming work on Thor Love and Thunder. Between that his perchance for comedic material, it would make sense that Offerman might be intrigued by the possibilities. What roll do you feel Nick Offerman might fill in the MCU? Share your casting choices with us at GeekVibesNation.

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