It’s another episode of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and I was not prepared for the end. The episode did not have any aspects of supernaturalism and in a way, was better for it. Not that I don’t love Magda’s quest for mayhem and chaos, I enjoyed this exploratory view of humanity. There were so many layers explored in this episode. As usual, Tiago was stuck between his job and his family, but what other players in this story reveal is even more powerful.

Slight Spoilers

Sister Molly’s storyline is explored a bit more and I have a feeling that her relationship with Tiago may never go anywhere Her mother is too controlling and she is shackled to her on-stage persona. Either she will break Tiago’s heart or something tragic is going to happen to her. Being a radio evangelist has brought Molly her fame and fortune, but it has made her essentially a prisoner to her mother and her own self.

The most powerful scenes involved the Vega family and Nathan Lane. As we saw in the previous episode, Tiago knows his younger brother Mateo killed an LAPD officer. Specifically, the officer who molested his sister Josefina. Tiago doesn’t know that though. He lets Mateo go and Mateo is held up with Fly Rico and Magda’s personal Rio. There is a scene that is so intense that involves Mateo’s mother that I was yelling “what are you doing, Mateo!”

Nathan Lane Was the Standout of The Episode

The real standout scene involves Tiago, Lewis, and Diego. Of course, Daniel Zovatto did a phenomenal job in conveying a man torn on what is the right thing to do. But, Nathan Lane took my breath away. I had expressed that in the first two episodes that Lane’s acting capabilities seemed a bit muted. That’s not the case now. What Lane was able to do in this episode was insanely good. He delivered the final blow in this episode so expertly that I am still slack-jawed thinking about it. Just wow. I knew that something had to give with that scene, but I really was blown away.

Rating: 4.5/5

Episode six gave a nice pause in the story for the first half and really exploded in the second half. It was a transition episode and what does it mean now? Lewis and Tiago’s partnership is such an interesting dynamic to continue watching. I also want to know what will come of Molly and Tiago’s relationship. And, what will be left of the Vega family when everything is said and done? City of Angels does a great job in constructing the 1930s without making it some cheesy adaptation of what we in the modern-day think of the 30s and cinema from the day. I’m rambling slightly, but it’s simply because I’m still in awe of the final scene of episode six.

I cannot wait for episode seven of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels!

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