Sister Molly may not have the mother of the year, but the Vega family sure does. Episode seven primarily focused on the matriarch of the family and it was a very nice show of development. Maria is a caring and strong woman, who will do anything for her family. Unfortunately, her family is seemingly getting pulled apart. Raul is nothing, but a shell. Tiago is busy with work. Mateo has outcasted himself after killing Officer Reily. And Josefina is now a dedicated member of Sister Molly’s congregation. On top of all of this, Dr. Draft has moved Elsa in. Elsa got rid of Dr. Craft’s wife; now she looks to get rid of Maria.

Slight Spoilers

On top of all of this, Tiago gets brought into the fold with Lewis’ fight against Nazis in LA. I think we should have known that Lewis didn’t throw Tiago’s brother under the bus in the previous episode was for more than just looking out for his partner. Of course, he would want Tiago on his side against the rise of Nazism in his city. It feels good for Tiago and Lewis to stop having so many secrets together. Now, Lewis knows the truth. And now, Tiago is involved in the fight for his city. The only problem now seems, where does Sister Molly fit in all of this? A scene at the end of the episode has made me wary and I truly hope that the truth isn’t as sinister as it’s made out to be.

Rating: 4/5

I would consider episode seven more of an episode that both moved the plot along and brought several characters into the fold. It was an informational episode that did lay the foundation down for future episodes. As I mentioned earlier before, this episode focuses heavily on Maria. I have a feeling that something will play out in relation to her and she may be Magda’s biggest foe yet. What will happen with Lewis and Tiago’s fight against the Nazis? Where will Josefina’s newfound faith take her? And what does an evil alliance mean for the heart of LA?


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