Religious cults, police corruption, racism, Nazis, and Brad Garrett. That is what episode four of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels has and more. More is at stake in this ongoing story and more players have entered the chat. Where everything will go or how it will all come together, I’m not sure. But, more is unfolding that I did not predict in episode one and I’m steadily becoming more interested than ever in this Showtime series.

Warning: This episode does contain images of sexual assault.

We know that a lot is going on in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Not only is there an unsolved murder mystery, but the rise of Nazism, extreme racism, infidelities, scandals, and family tensions aren’t the only things the show has. Garrett steps in as a Jewish gangster, who now seems to be an unexpected part of the fight Nathan Lane’s Lewis is waging against the Nazis. There is also a moment in this episode where it seems Lewis is the only one [for right now] who isn’t giving in to Magda’s game. But, there are plenty of players on the board.

Slight Spoilers

Magda works her little dark magical spell on unhappy husband Peter Craft, the racist Councilman Charlton Townsend, and Tiago’s younger brother Matteo. This episode was an episode of decisions. With most giving into their darkest desires, as Magda predicted they would. It’s a lot to riffle through and I suspect that Tiago has no idea what really is going on in this unsteady city. All he wants is to keep everyone from killing each other, as well as keep his family together. At least things seem to be better with him and Raul, though; I still have questions on his resurrection and what that may cost.

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Molly and Tiago = True Love?

The answer may lie truly with solving the murder case, as Brent Spiner’s character keeps urging Tiago to do. As I mentioned in my last review, I am enjoying the storyline between Molly and Tiago. There is a certain softness to them, though; the couple takes a rocky turn at some point in this episode. I have no idea what will come of Molly’s preaching, Tiago’s sister Josefina going to her church, or Molly’s overly protective mother. That’s something we will have to wait for it to play out. I didn’t think I’d like Kerry Bishe (Molly) paired up with anyone other than Scoot McNairy’s Gordon Clark from AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, but Tiago and Molly are becoming an OTP for me.

Rating: 4/5

I want to point out some honorable mentions of this episode. Christine Estabrook’s Beverly Beck continues to challenge Charlton, which I love. I truly hope Charlton gets what is coming to him. Matteo makes a decision that will certainly play out in the show and may cause more conflicts between him and Tiago. A storyline that’s been teased since episode one pays off between Magda and Peter Craft, though Peter’s wife has just opened up a new mystery for viewers to wonder about. And Josefina (Jessica Garza) is given more screentime in this episode, though; it’s a tough one to watch.

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I’m really enjoying Penny Dreadful: City of Angels now and hope that the season continues to up the ante.

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