Warning: Spoilers + Depiction of Violent Death At End of Episode

Things are about to explode on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels! The ninth and penultimate episode is setting up for the season finale and I can hardly wait. At the same time, episode nine took my breath away and thankfully I have a week to recover. So much happened in “Sing, Sing, Sing” – which is a nod to the song that played while something truly shocking and explosive happened at the end of the episode.

There is so much to talk about in this episode. At the same time, I don’t want to spoil too much as you really need to experience this for yourself. Still, there are a few things I’d love to dissect.

Peter Craft

Obviously, Peter Craft has ties to the Nazi party and put his wife in a mental asylum just to be with Elsa. At the same time, as they develop Peter more; I cannot help, but feel a little bad for him? No, not really bad for him, but he has no idea what or who Elsa is. He hasn’t a clue that she manipulated him and is essentially looking to destroy Maria, Peter’s children, and LA in general. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t put your wife in an insane asylum simply because you think a woman is pretty.

Nathan Lane and Daniel Zovatto Are Fantastic

I had mentioned in earlier reviews that I felt that Nathan Lane’s performance was a bit stiff, but that has really changed throughout the show. Lane and Daniel Zovatto work incredibly well with each other and I can only hope that the events of the end of episode nine unites them further and does no push them apart. Both are on their own journeys, but have a singular goal in mind. A goal that is about to be amplified and complicated, I’m sure.

Brad Garrett is back by the way and I couldn’t help, but smile seeing him back on the screen. The “let’s fight some Nazis” plotline is done well and much better than Amazon Prime’s Hunters. Yes, I said what I said. Lane and Zovatto are the Nazi hunters we deserve.

Eneba Many GEOs

Can the Vega Family Be Happy Already?

Magda has made it her mission to tear the Vega family apart throughout season one. There have been underlying reasons for tensions, but Magda has stoked the fire every episode. And I just want the Vega family to be safe and happy! For Maria’s sake, who is being treated like garbage by Elsa. And I want Tiago and Molly (Kerry Bishe) to be happy, even though there was a moment in episode nine that I didn’t know what direction the conversation would go in. That scene that I am talking about though gave way to some of the best acting Zovatto has given this season. His explosive confrontation with his family was well-deserved, a long-time coming, and very emotional.

Let’s talk a little about the rest of the Vega family. Josefina is at the Temple, which tears Maria apart. Now, the truth comes out who Molly is in relation to Josefina’s brother and Maria finds out that her son is dating the woman who she perceives as taking her daughter away. Drama! Raul, who seemed to be the most hot-blooded one of them all in episode one; has been a sort of neutered dog throughout the rest of the season. His life was spared, but at what cost? Though, I have to admit I enjoyed this soft, family-oriented side of Raul. The one who does come to his brother’s [Tiago] defense. And who goes out dancing with his mother.

We then have Matteo – who is being strung along by Fly Rico and Rio. Does Fly Rico know he is a pawn in Magda’s game? How does Maria look at Rio and not realize she’s Elsa? And how does anyone allow Rio to speak to Maria the way she does? You know Rio was seeing the scene unfold before her and was thinking “everything’s too happy…I have to ruin it”.

And It Will Be Ruined

The end of episode nine features a very graphic, shocking, and all too relevant scene of police brutality. Much to the chagrin of Lane’s character. While Lewis [Lane] has been in the police force for much longer than Tiago, he too also deals with trying to do his job while the “good ol’ boys” in the station are the majority. While Lewis and Tiago essentially made a deal with the devil when deciding to pin everything on Diego, even Lewis would not want to have crossed the line that the men in the police force did at the end of episode nine. This is really going to affect the events of the season finale.

Rating: 4.5/5

Episode nine really blew me away. Not only did it feel like a “call to arms” mixed with a “calm before the storm” in wake of the season finale, but there was just such a fantastic pay-off to many storylines. I loved the Vega family confrontation at the end of the episode. I enjoyed Garrett coming back and in general, Lane and Zovatto. Also, I so badly want Molly and Tiago to be happy, but we will just have to see what happens in episode ten to find out. What will happen in the season finale? I have no idea, but I have a feeling that whatever happens, the Vega family, Lewis, and Peter Craft will be changed forever.

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