Matt Reeves has brought us another fantastic casting. One that I could not be more excited about. Peter Sarsgaard (not Skarsgard) has been announced in an undisclosed role. Look below!

You should know Sarsgaard. If you don’t – you need to get on it! Sarsgaard is a wildly talented actor, who I actually did an Actor Spotlight on. While Reeves didn’t say who Sarsgaard was playing, there’s been a lot of speculation. Hugo Strange, Calendar Man, and the most popular, Two-Face. Bringing in Harvey Dent would be great for The Batman and Sarsgaard is such a good actor, he could be the second great adaptation of this DC character.

Eneba Many GEOs

Another clue that points to Sarsgaard playing Dent was Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Instagram post. Gyllenhaal is not only Sarsgaard’s wife, but played Harvey Dent’s girlfriend when Aaron Eckhart played him in The Dark Knight. Not to mention, Sarsgaard has half his head shaved in the picture. Coincidence?

Who do you think Sarsgaard is playing?

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