Podcast Review – Deep Cover: The Drug Wars, Episode 3: ‘El Dorado’

I’ve recently reviewed the first two episodes of the Pushkin Podcast Deep Cover: The Drug Wars. While I was a tad upset that Walton Goggins was not in the two episodes as much as I felt he was promised to be, I kept at it. Simply because, it is a very interesting story.

We’re now on the third episode. Digging deeper in the story of Ned Timmons and his mission to take down a massive drug empire. We still have reporter/journalist Jake Halpern narrating the episode. And Goggins still is only there for a line or two. Can we just get Goggins to narrate the entire book? And why is Halpern obsessed with describing Ned’s mustache as a “full Fu Manchu beard”? Does he think it’s witty?

At least we’re getting deeper into the story. Shine’s story is a very interesting one. Therefore, I felt very invested in this episode. The description of Shine as this criminal who seems to be a man of integrity is interesting. It then becomes even more admirable when you find out that he is willing to take the tough road when it comes to protecting his family. You almost feel bad and wonder about the integrity of someone undercover like Ted. But, this is the Drug Wars. And when you fight these drug wars, you have to fight dirty.

Have you been listening to Deep Cover: The Drug Wars? If so – what do you think?

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