If you’ve ever seen the Pokémon mini-series on YouTube years ago that starred the infamous trainer Red, then you’re in for another treat. The Pokémon Company is back at it again with more episodes titled Pokémon Evolutions on YouTube. The previous short episodes focused on various characters in the Galar region and their journey and this new series seems like it’s going to do the same but this time around they’ll touch on all the different regions from past games. In the first episode, we’re taken through a flashback of Leon battling a legendary Pokémon named Eternatus. This is an interesting start to the episode because it comes straight from the game but they flesh it out some more to what fans would’ve imagined what the battle really looked like from his perspective. There are flashbacks being shown here because throughout the show we would see Leon preparing for his next major battle against an unknown trainer – which we later find out is actually you!


Other times we see how Leon approached his battle with Eternatus and also witnessing him losing, while his little brother Hop and his friend (which would be you) coming in at the last minute to save the day. What I can appreciate about the mini-series is that it doesn’t quite take the child friendly approach here. We see Leon as this extremely strong and talented Pokémon trainer and at the same time see him in a vulnerable state – especially since he wasn’t able to defeat the legendary Pokémon. When the show flashes back to the present time with Leon in the locker room preparing for his next battle, he seems to be unsure of himself and his skill. The bond between Pokémon and trainer is essential for all Pokémon trainers to succeed at battling and even being life partners. A fan favorite and Leon’s biggest ally, Charizard, pops out of its ball to comfort Leon – this is a touching moment that the Pokémon series usually tends to show us, especially when times get rough. In a sense, you can sort of imagine Charizard saying to Leon “everything will be fine and you’re still #1!” without saying it, of course.


If you’ve played the game then you already know that both you and Hop catch the other legendary dogs, Zacian and Zamazenta. You and Hop use both legendary Pokémon to help Leon defeat Eternatus. I have to give Pokémon their flowers here because the animation of the battles and episode overall is amazing! They give us plenty of action to sink our teeth into as we watch in awe with our mouths wide open. Even the character designs are different from the mainline Pokémon anime, where the characters look more cartoonish rather than a traditional anime style. There isn’t much voice acting since these are just short episodes, but the feeling that’s conveyed through them is what counts – this is something I feel The Pokémon Company should’ve done a long time ago with its mainline anime. I know we’ll never get a full-blown anime series similar to their YouTube series, because it’s mainly for kids, but a guy can dream. If you’re also a Pokémon fan then you’ll definitely want to subscribe to their channel and stay tuned for the latest episode. Honestly speaking, maybe this is the answer to all of the prayers of all of the fans like myself that first grew up with this series. I truly hope they continue this trend since they’re still getting a lot of hits on the videos…maybe we’ll eventually get a full anime series that caters to us, and really expands on the battling scene that we all have wanted to see for so long. Stay tuned for a review of the next episode, as I’ll be your guide through each episode.


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