In more streaming news, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiak has made his return to Twitch. This comes after sometime after leaving the streaming platform to go to Mixer. Since then, Microsoft has shut down Mixer. Leaving some streamers, like Ninja needing new homes to go to. Well, apparently there’s “no place like home” as Shroud’s returned to Twitch. And apparently, there were over 400,000 people watching him.

Shroud made his return playing Valorant. The streamer had previously hinted his return for the past few days. He had taken some time after Mixer had shut down, but it’s clear that he’s back. It’s been a year since Shroud was on Twitch. Lucky for him, he was able to return to his original Twitch account and seven million followers. 7.3 million followers to be exact.

What do you think about Shroud’s return to Twitch?

Source: IGN

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