PS Plus Games and Best Deals For January 2020

Happy New Year one and all! Firstly I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and new year. The new year welcomes two things. Resolutions we will, of course, fail to uphold and a new selection of PS Plus offerings. In contrast to last year’s lukewarm ending, PS Plus is kicking things off in 2020 with a bang. Like always there are two titles up for grabs in January. Both of which you can download on the first Tuesday of the month, January 7th. The best PS Plus offering we’ve seen so far, in my opinion at least, and a hilarious indie title which combines physics-based chaos and goats. Need I say more? Welcome to the first PS Plus offerings for 2020.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

You’ll have to excuse the obnoxious amount of Fanboying I’m about to do over my favorite Video Game franchise of all time. This is without a doubt one of, if not the best PS Plus game we’ve had for a very long time. One of PlayStations heaviest hitters the 3rd person action-adventure shooter from Naughty Dog that made gaming history. The Nathan Drake Collection includes the original trilogy beautifully remastered and upgraded for the PS4. I’ll avoid spoilers because this is a series you have to experience for yourself if you haven’t already but here’s a quick rundown of each game.

The first of the three, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune revolutionized 3rd person cover-based shooting back when it released in 2007. Feeling old yet? An Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt, with some surprising twists in store, Drakes Fortune is a brilliant blast from the past.

Its sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is both my favorite of the series and my favorite game of all time. It doubled down on everything which made the original so brilliant, with even bigger action, and an even greater story and some absolutely fantastic new additions to the cast. Just talking about this game is making me want to jump back in.

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Lastly, we have Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. Drakes Deception never reached the same heights, story-wise for me as among Thieves did, but it’s undeniable that the third installment in the series mastered the cover-based shooting mechanics with the smoothest gameplay of the trilogy. Arguably the darkest story of the three as well, it is yet again a must play.

The Nathan Drake Collection received glowing reviews with 9’s and 10’s all around. It boasts a Metacritic Score of 86 and a user score of 8.5. You simply have to play this collection of PlayStations finest if you haven’t already. Check out the trailer below:

UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection (10/9/2015) - Story Trailer | PS4

Goat Simulator

Moving onto what couldn’t be more different, our second game of January is Goat Simulator. A game made famous for its completely ridiculous concept, Goat Simulator will have you taking control of your own goat on a mission to cause utter chaos. The game’s main objective seems to be building up a points multiplier, but let’s face it, you only play Goat Simulator to live out your fantasy as a murderous evil goat psychopath. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. The game also offers physics-based challenges to complete as well as secrets and easter eggs to find. Manage to get your hands on the games hidden jetpack and all hell breaks loose. Critics seem to enjoy giving this one a hard time whilst fans of the series will tell you its a must play.

Goat Simulator has a Metacritic score of 58 and a user score of 5.8. Watch the trailer by clicking below.

Goat Simulator - Launch Trailer | PS4

January Sales

The January Sales are in full swing right now over on PlayStation. Therefore there are some pretty great offerings up for grabs if you have any Christmas money left over. We’ll start with some heavy hitters. Fifa 20 is £29.99 with 50% off. Call of Duty Modern warfare is £39.59 with 34% off. In addition, we also have Need for Speed Heat at £39.99 with 33% off. Last Year’s game of the year, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is also on sale at £38.99 with 35% off. Finally, we have some open-world games going cheaper. Borderlands 3 is £34.99 with 41% off and Outer Worlds is only £37.49 with 25% off. All worth picking up if you haven’t already.

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Games Under £16

To finish things off we have some really great games going super cheap in the Under £16 sale. Spider-Man PS4 is only £14.24 for PS Plus subscribers with 59% off. Resident Evil 2 Remake is only £15.99 with 64% off. There’s never been a better time to pick this one up with Resident Evil 3 right around the corner. MediEvil, a classic throwback remastered beautifully for the PS4 is only £15.99 with 36% off. Finally, we have Overcooked 2. A charming party game great for entertaining guests is only £12.99 with 35% off.

So that does it for our look at the PS Plus offerings for January 2020. What a way to kick off the new year. Will you be experiencing Nathan Drakes adventures for the first time or coming back to relive them again? Maybe destroying the world as an evil goat is more your thing. Either way, let us know your thoughts on Januarys PS Plus games down below or over on Twitter.


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