Rebecca Root Will Be First Transgender Companion In ‘Doctor Who: Stranded’

Doctor Who has been around for a long time. Through the many versions of the Doctor, he has had many different companions. Now, with the 8th Doctor, he is getting a first. The first transgender companion is coming aboard. Actress Rebecca Root will take on the role as the first openly transgender companion in Doctor Who history.

This will not be Roots first precedent making role in this category. She became the first transgender actress to be the lead of a sitcom as the star of Boy Meets Girl. Now, along with the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) she will costar in the upcoming audio drama Doctor Who: Stranded. This is part of the Eighth Doctor Adventures line.

Root will play Tania Bell as a part of a cast that also includes Hattie Morahan as Helen Sinclair, Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka, and Tom Price as Sgt. Davidson. As far as the story of Stranded, the official synopsis reads as so:

The TARDIS is gone. Stranded in one time and place, the Doctor, Liv and Helen seek refuge in Baker Street. But the house has changed: they now have neighbours – not all of them welcoming. And someone has a dire warning for the future. The Doctor and friends face their greatest challenge yet: living one day after another, in 2020 London.

Are you excited to see the Transgender Community represented in such an iconic show as Dr.Who? Share your thoughts of the casting of Rebecca Root in this groundbreaking role with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

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