Losing track of important information and details from the PS2 memory card can rack one’s brain. But then there is various software available for file recovery. However, most of them are not reliable for recovering all types of files, are not secure, and are easily accessible. Here comes Wondershare Recoverit, which is the most authentic and best software for recovering data. It is a superb tool for data recovery that efficiently recovers all formatted, deleted, and lost files from removable media and hard disk. With this program, you can quickly get all your data together with your lost documents, pictures, videos, PS2 games, and many more.

The Normal Reason For Data Loss On PS2 Memory Card

PS2 memory card holds the leading position in any of the PS2 users since it is utilized in storing settings and files, plus, most importantly, storing games. Anyway, this type of memory card easily gets corrupted and becomes fragile due to repeated mistakes established by its end-user. You can always recover deleted files from pc, yet it is not the bright side of losing all files saved in your memory cards after the memory card gets corrupted.

Here Are Few Scenarios Mentioned Leading To The Corruption Of PS2 Memory Cards:


  • Buyer A attempts to operate cheat codes in maneuvering games that aren’t permitted by their initial programming. Using cheat codes may cause the compilation of inaccessible data that are stored in the PS2 memory card.
  • Buyer B exploits the memory card and constantly ejects it when it is operated. This problem may result in the corruption of memory cards because of the file system error.
  • PS2 program attempts to retrieve data on the formatted memory card, causing file loss that might be corrupt.
  • PS2 memory cards are shock-resistant compared to a hard drive, yet they may get damaged when there’s an accident or careless handling. This damage can cause problems in your PC in detection. It may even lead to the freezing of your computer.
  • Like all other storage devices, the data stored in the memory card can get attacked by viruses, which indicates that those files can have faults. As a result, its data can get erased by mistake. Your old memory card can mislay its data storage space because of deterioration, and thus its data might become unreadable and faulty.


How To Recover Files From PS2 Memory Card

Many people tend to keep a backup of all the crucial data on other locations along with the file saved in your memory card. Thus, if you’ve updated and valid PS2 memory card backup on other places like an external hard disk, PC, etc., after that, you may restore the PS2 data from backup.

In case you don’t have PS2 card backup files, with the help of recovery software of PS2 memory card, you can quickly recover files from the formatted memory card and even restore corrupted, erased, and deleted files from it. It also restores Audio files, recorded video games, videos, music, and photos. Furthermore, it also retrieves information from dead, physically broken, damaged, and virus-infected PS2 memory cards. Finally, you can preview all these recovered files inside the software before saving them on your PC or Mac.

Following Are The Steps You Can Follow To Recover Files From A PS2 Memory Card:


  • Step 1: Select A Location In The Ps2 Memory Card

Firstly connect your memory card to the PC. Here you’ll see several computer partitions and connected storage gadgets. Next, select the PS2 memory card and click on the ‘start’ option to recover all your deleted and lost data from the memory card.


  • Step 2: Deep Scanning Ps2 Memory Card


When a quick scan can’t find out all your lost and deleted folders from the PS2 memory card, you can search for more data in the memory card through ‘Deep scan,’ though it can consume more time.


  • Step 3: Preview Detected Data And Recover Selectively Ps2 Memory Card


Following the scan, your retrieved data in the PS2 memory card shall appear in the form of a list as per original paths or file types. You can go through their title and look over them in case you wish to retrieve them or not. Furthermore, you may even preview the regained pictures. Finally, choose the files you want to retrieve and click on ‘Recover’ to save them to your PC. You can even recover a multimedia card by following these steps correctly.

  • Note: Don’t put your retrieved files on the PS2 memory card again while following this process.


Closing Words

That’s how one can quickly regain their lost and deleted files once again to their PS 2 memory card with the help of Recovery software. On the way, you may even fix some other PS2 issues. You are always recommended to back up all the PS2 memory card files correctly. Finally, you don’t have to worry about permanently losing all your necessary data on the PS2 memory card.

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