Red-Band Trailer Released For Action Thriller ‘Lucky Day’

Check out the red-band trailer for Lionsgate’s upcoming revenge thriller Lucky Day. Roger Avary, best known for being the co-writer to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction; wrote and directed this action film that will be available on VOD on October 11th.

Lucky Day is about Luke Bracey’s Red who is a safecracker that has been recently released from jail. On a path to keep his family together, things go from bad to worse when his past catches up to him. Aka Crispin Glover as Luc who is a psychopathic contract killer seeking revenge for his brother’s death. The plot sounds a little like Frank Grillo’s Into the Ashes, but the trailer has it looking like a lot of fun.

Lucky Day also has Nina Dobrev, Ella Ryan Quinn, Clé Bennett, Nadia Farès, and Clifton Collins Jr. in it.

Source: Geeky Tyrant