Remembering ‘iZombie’ Three Years Later

Three years ago, on April 12th; iZombie began its fifth and final season. This little CW show was loosely based on the comic book of the same name and starred Rose McIver as Liv Moore. Maybe some of you don’t remember this show. Maybe some were turned off due to the name of the show. iZombie, though; was one of my favorite shows and I think it deserves highlighting.

More Than Its Title

Originally, I too thought the name was a little silly. Paired with the idea that the show centered around a girl who became a sentient zombie who worked at a morgue – I didn’t know how I would enjoy it. The first season came and went on The CW. One day I was bored and didn’t know what to watch and saw iZombie on Netflix and decided to turn it on. 13 episodes later, I was hooked. From that moment on, I watched every episode as it aired on the network channel. I excitedly tuned in every week, watching the show unfold before my eyes.

Tiny, But Mighty

Photo Credit: The CW

Being a fan of iZombie was a lot like being a fan of American Gods or Wynonna Earp. It’s a tiny show that not everyone watched and got swept under the rug by bigger shows. The CW is full of DC superhero shows and with the Arrow still on, people paid attention more to those shows than something like iZombie. However, the fandom for iZombie was passionate. And we waited every season for a renewal, which always came way after the Arrowverse shows were renewed. Sometimes, it would be almost towards the end of a season before we got the news that we were getting another.

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Five Seasons of Greatness

While iZombie knew that the fifth season would be its last, it felt like The CW giving up on the show. As far as the story went, there was room for a few more seasons to flesh itself out. Season five was good, but thirteen episodes were not enough to wrap up everything they needed to. Still, I (and others) were thankful that the show got to at least craft their end.

More Than a Zombie Show

Photo Credit: The CW

iZombie was more than just a zombie show. It asked the question, what does it mean to be alive? How does one find their purpose? Prior to being a zombie, Liv had a promising future ahead of her. Once she was scratched, she resigned herself to a miserable life without hope. That was until Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (played by Rahul Kohli) came into her life. Not only did he promise her a cure, he also helped her see that there was life after death. From there on, we had a fun show of Liv navigating her half-dead life and there was even a procedural cop element to the series, as Liv would solve murders with Detective Clive Babineaux (played by Malcolm Goodwin).

A Zombie Show With a Lot of Heart

The show had heart and a lot of emotions. The series dealt with loss, love, PTSD, immigration, betrayal, and so much more. We saw iZombie transform from a contained story into something so much bigger. Especially when more zombies came around and the world had their eyes on Seattle. Not only that, but iZombie had one of the best villains I’ve seen on network television. Blaine Debeers, played by David Anders; was charismatic, complex, deranged, and a conman. From day one, you never knew whose side he was truly on – only that everything he did was ultimately done to solely benefit him. Even his character was fleshed out more than just a one-dimensional baddie, which made keeping him around all 5 seasons a must.

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A Rob Thomas Production

Photo Credit: The CW

iZombie had plenty of Rob Thomas actors in it. Rob Thomas is the man behind Veronica Mars and I don’t understand why iZombie never reached the cult status Veronica Mars did. But, if you loved Logan on Veronica Mars, then you’d love Jason Dohring as Chase Graves. Yes, the show was full of zombie puns and was incredibly meta and self-aware.

My last argument as to why you need to watch this show, even if it’s done; is that the theme song is awesome. Any time the beginning scene would meld into the theme song, I would just start headbanging and singing along. “Stop, I’m Already Dead” by Deadboy + The Elephantmen will always be synonymous with that show.

All five seasons of iZombie are on Netflix.

iZOMBiE TV Show Opening Credits / Theme Song by Deadboy & The Elephantmen

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