Imagine if you will, the world is being threatened. Supernatural forces are moving against us and the only hope we have happens to be two little old ladies. And while that may seem to be a “recipe“ for disaster, in fact, it is earth’s best defense. Meet Lottie Thorn. She is an 80 year old, tough as nails lady who would rather be painting or baking. Unfortunately, her preferred activities have been interrupted by a visit from another octogenarian who is looking for a champion. Meet Peruvia. She was expecting to find a young lady to train. Instead she found Lottie. Right name, wrong age. Regardless, it was apparent from the door Lottie ripped off the hinges when she greeted her that this was the right place.

Have Skillet, will Battle

So now, Lottie is being prepared to fight for the Earth as it’s champion. Of course, it would help if Peruvia could remember her spells. Fortunately, Lottie found that her handy skillet was a good weapon. As Flynn Rider said in Tangled: “A frying pan, right? Who Knew??” So what were Lottie’s advantages? She had a trainer who had never really fought anyone, and whose training manual was, at least to Lottie’s opinion, defective. Could be worse, she could have to fight monsters. Oh yeah….

The Team of McCourt, Lee, Bowland, and Thompson

Brought to you by the creative team of Mariah McCourt,  Soo Lee, Pippa Bowland, Jill Thompson, and Editor Sarah Litt, Ash and Thorn serves up a combination of the Golden Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the creators comparison and it really fits. Lottie is tough and a bit salty and feels every bit her age these days. However, she has been given a job and apparently, ready or not, the job is hers. Peruvia has been the Guardian of the Earth, Realm Three, Sector Nine for a long time. She was ready to train the next Champion to save the Earth. But she wasn’t expecting her to be a senior citizen. Fortunately for her, and for the Earth, Lottie is not just another “Golden Girl.”

Its a good thing too, because the enemy she will face has a hunger for humans, and has no compunction to have one of his own as an appetizer.

NY Times bestselling author Mariah McCourt has gathered an all star team for Ash and Thorn. For starters, She recruited the talented Soo Lee for the illustrations. Lee has worked for such publications as Analog Sci-Fi Magazine, Valiant, Dynamite, and now Ahoy Comics. McCourt and Lee co-created Ash and Thorn. McCourt then rounded out her team with Pippa Bowland on colors and covers by Jill Thompson.

Drawn Right In

Right from the Jill Thompson Cover, you are drawn into the story. McCourt weaves a tale unlike any other.  A story where, unlike all our normal muscle bound or nubile heroes, sometime all it takes is stubbornness and a whole lot of wisdom. Some super strength doesn’t hurt either. Lee keeps the panels moving with energy and her own unique style. Above all else, it looks like a lot of fun.

Can Lottie and Peruvia foil the monsters evil plans before the Earth becomes a buffet? Pick up Issue One of the Four Part Series, Ash and Thorn by Ahoy Comics on June 24th to start to find out.

P.S. Speaking of “Recipes,” Don’t be surprised if you find some actual recipes inside an issue. What? You think Lottie spends ALL her time fighting Monsters?

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