The Intergalactic Postal Service

Since we have just passed the Holiday Season, we all know the value of our shipping companies. Especially during the pandemic where so much shopping was done online. It was a busy time for all the companies involved, including UPS, USPS, and Fed-Ex, and all the smaller shipping services.

But imagine in the far flung distant future, all of the shipping companies have given way to one entity: The Intergalactic Postal Service. Their business model is somewhat simple. The main goal is to deliver the packages sent. You get paid ONLY if you are the one making the delivery. Anytime that package changes hands, the sender gets charged a fee. All things are on the table as to how you deliver it as is the ways you obtain the package. The farther you have to travel to deliver the package, the more you receive upon delivery. Provided you survive to MAKE that delivery.

Space Bastards

Welcome to the world of Space Bastards. The brainchild of writers Joe Aubrey, Eric Peterson, and artist Darick Robertson. Now under the auspices of the Humanoids label, Space Bastards tells the story of a mild mannered accountant named David S. Proton who loses his job, his woman, and quite possibly his self respect. At least until he sees an advertisement for the Intergalactic Postal Service. Where you have no bosses and the money you can make is directly related to how many packages you can deliver. If you are bad ass enough to survive the job. As the old saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers, so David sets off to apply to the IPS.

Meet Your Instructor, Manny

Once David is there, (after he signs his liability waiver), he is given his tools of the trade. His signing bracelet (where his acceptance and delivery of packages is recorded), a set of brass knuckles, and a pistol. That alone should have been a red light that he just might be making a bad career decision. Too late! But fortunately for David, he has been given an experienced mentor. At least that is what he hoped. Meet Manny Corns.

IPS is not for the Faint of Heart

Manny, also known as The Manicorn is a single minded individual. He only knows one thing, any package he picks up is getting delivered, BY HIM. And lord help anyone who gets in the way of that. That would include his pencil pushing accountant trainee. In short order, it didn’t take long for David to learn that this business is mean, nasty, and cutthroat…and that was just talking about Manny. He also learned that if he was going to survive, he was going to have to get a lot tougher. A LOT TOUGHER. He was also going to have be as cutthroat as everyone else, especially Manny.

Of course, Manny already warned David that anyone who has ever crossed him was put on his list and would come to regret that mistake.  Something for David to consider if that ever came about. And did that come about? I leave that for you to find out as you read Issue one. But rest assured, our man David is going to grow up very fast. And somehow, it couldn’t have happened at a better time.


Space Bastards had been in the works for awhile. At least different versions of it. It was first introduced in a Kickstarter form and at first, for the creators, that was enough. But now, with their partnership with Humanoids, they are ready to share their vision with a whole new audience. Issue One lays the ground work of their futuristic tales of a mercenary business model, where it’s every man or woman for themselves. All that matters is delivering the goods. A high body count is just the cost of doing business.

From the first issue, it is almost Tarantino like in its depiction of its over the top violence. And that’s not a bad thing. Far from it. Aubrey and Peterson explore a world where almost anyone can make a great living. There’s just the question of how long that life will be. Their characters are vivid and well flushed out, even in this early stage. Probably the benefactors of their long time working on the project.


But what really sets it off besides its story is the art. And who better to bring their story to life than The Boys Darick Robertson. If there is anyone who could depict this brand of action mixed with touches of humor and the aforementioned over the top violence, it is Robertson. And man does he come through. (Like there was any doubt). It is no surprise that both Aubrey and Robertson thought their book really took off when Robertson came on board. His work is vibrant, expressive while at the same time down and dirty. In other words, for the story being told, perfect.

Issue one, which drops on the 13th, is the first of a seven part monthly story. After that Aubrey, Peterson and friends will follow up with a one-shot tale and a couple of annuals. If that wasn’t enough, starting on January 18th, they will be launching a new Kickstarter for Space Bastards Vol. 2. The proceeds will help fund their future works, paying their talented artists for even more Space Bastard Mayhem. If all this sounds like your kind of action, check out Issue One where all great comics are sold.

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