HellFighter Quin, Issue 3: What Has Lead to this Point


When you’re a fighter, it sometimes becomes difficult to walk away. But that’s exactly what Quinlan Jones, who went by the name of the Hellfighter, thought he was doing. He had been Harlem’s own vigilante. But it was his plan to give up that life and hang up his mask for good. Instead he would work with the local children. Teach them how to fight. To stay off the streets. In doing so, he might be able to live a more sedentary life.

That plan changed when one of his students decided to assume his identity. This included entering into a Mortal Kombat style tournament called the Tribunal which is controlled by the hidden clans. The winners prize? To gain control over the Azure Sun; a mystical stone that provides abilities to those who come into contact with it. By the time Quin realizes what has transpired, he is too late to save his student. But now they had a pissed off Hellfighter Quin to deal with. He was forced to earn his way into the next round of the tournament by defeating Myrmidon. A Creature from the Black Lagoon looking alien who talked a good fight. But he fell to the Hellfighter. However, that was just the start of the fights for Quin. He now faced Deadeye and the Glass Assassin.


As Quin readied himself for his next fight, he found instead of fighting Deadeye and the Glass Assassin, they were assisting him. They fought together and Quin was more than impressed with them, especially the blade wielding female assassin he nicknamed Shard. But before they could celebrate their apparent victory, the current champion of the tournament, the Invictus appeared. He who had been previously kissed by the Azure Sun. He entered the Chamber and was overpowering Quin. But before he could press his advantage, another combatant enter the contest. The Doomseer.

The Doomseer collects souls from those he opposes, which is everyone. It is the duty of the clans to defend the world against him. This includes the Queen who runs the tournament, who makes her appearance. While she is of equal strength as the Doomseer, she knows he cannot be destroyed. Instead, she allows the other combatants themselves access to the tournaments prize. To kiss the Azure Sun.

This gives them powers to face the Doomseer on a more equal footing. Together, they over power Doomseer, forcing him to retreat…for now. However, the tournament continues. But at this point, the combatants can maintain their new powers, but only while they are in the tournament. The only way to keep their new gifts is to win.  While Quin wanted to take on Invictus, the Queen had another plan. Shard would fight Evictus while Hellfighter’s next opponent is the cyber warrior Maimframe.

Issue 3: Review

As much as Quin wanted avenge himself on Evictus for killing his student, he needed to focus on the battle at hand. Maimframe was no amateur. In fact he was deadly…and he knew it. But his arrogance was his weakness. And The Hellfighter had no issue taking advantage. Of course, channeling some Muhammad Ali didn’t hurt, nor did the power obtained from the Azure Sun. Soon only the first part of Quinn’s opponent’s name was appropriate…he was Maimed. But even he was better off than Evictus.

Despite his arrogance (which seems to be prevalent for those who belong to clans), he eventually proved to be no match for the Azure Sun powered Shard. In spite of his strength, he was not immune to the cuts that Shard’s knives were inflicting. Eventually to the point that she re-enacted the film Face-Off. In addition, she added insult to injury by showing him her work. Soon, he was incapable of continuing. There would be a new champion when the Tribunal was completed.

After Quinn’s fight, the Queen offered him a place in HER clan. He had fought well against the Doomseer. She could use a fighter like him. As attractive as her offer might be, he wanted to win the tournament to help the clan less, like his people. Every person he battled made it a point to mention his clanless status. If he won, that would end, They could use that power to no longer be seen as low level citizens. She told him to consider her offer. It could lead to solving both of their problems. But that was a discussion for later. There was still a Tribunal to continue and the round of water is upcoming. Before they could even consider, a new threat had arrived. Who he was and his purpose is not revealed…until Issue 4.


Writer Sandlin describes his story as Mortal Kombat meets The Highlander. That is a very good description. Clans that span time have been battling each other and their shared enemy the Doomseer for time unending. But these clans have disdain for anyone without such status. It is this inequality that powers Quin. So much so that he is willing to pass on something that most aware of the clans would jump at. A place in the Queens Clan. This would be considered a seat at the head of power.

But Quin doesn’t bite. If he accepted this, he would be abandoning his people. That is not how he rolls. His strength of character is one of his most endearing qualities.The fact that he kicks major ass doesn’t hurt. As do the other characters, especially the newly named Shard. It is apparent that Quin has taken a shine to the Glass Assassin. Although he better keep that infatuation under wraps…he could find himself fighting her. And ask Evictus if that’s a walk in the park.


The first thing that jumps out at you when you open any of the Hellfighter issues is the color that just pops from each panel. Kudos to colorist Maria Santaollo for some great work. When combined  with the energy filled pencil work of Atagun Ilhan, the action explodes off the page.

So if you like the Mortal Kombat style of battles with some social issues combined in the mix, this series could be for you. As always, keep in mind that the audience for Hellfighter Quin is a more mature reader. The language used is symbolic of that. So keep that in mind in your decision making when it comes to reading it. However, once you accept that premise, you should check it out. If you have read the series thus far, let us know what you think here at GeekVibesNation.

Reminder: Issue 4 comes out in August from MadCave Studios.

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