Review: Stranger Things Season 3… I think I am Done (SPOILERS!)

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”24200″ img_size=”800×508″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]When it comes to Stranger Things I am mixed. The first season I found rather enjoyable and then the second season blew away my expectations. So, season 3 has been long awaited, almost 2 years since we got the previous season and it hurts me to say season 3 did not live up to the hype!

This season has no idea what it wants to be, half of the season is dedicated to the kids figuring out love and life, then flips around at episode 5 to a full flayer story line that does not have a very satisfying end. With the supposed death of Hopper, that they quickly confirmed with a end credit scene that he was captured by the Russians. For the whole season up to episode 7-8 all the kids and adults are in their own groups. This was fun for about the first 3 episodes then started to get stale because I wanted to see them interact more with other people, even after they group up in the finale they all separate into the same exact groups again.

Hopper and Joyce go to destroy the Russian base, while El’s group fights off the flayer and Dustin and Erica go to contacts Dustin’s girlfriend. it felt like they listened to what we wanted more out of season 2 and just made a season of that and not changing anything else. They set up a relationship between Hopper and Joyce that never went any where and a Max and Lucas relationship I guess? Honestly I do not care because season 4 will not come out for probably another 2-3 years and I will forget about the set up in this season.

This season had really good acting and making me like Millie Bobby brown even more as an actress and grades these actors in pop culture history. the whole Billy plot line they kind of forget about ion the middle of the season and does nothing until the 2 last episodes and his sacrifice at the end does not feel deserved to me, I would have preferred to have a character we have known and cared about more to make the sacrifice and give more to Billy in the next season. None the less the visual style is good and the directing is fairly good. This season was a step back from what the Duffer brothers set up previously, especially after this almost 2 year wait. I only recommend watching if you are an invested fan and this makes me less excited for what is to come. This season is fine and give it a 5/10 ranking and is not a recommend.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]