I have to be forthright and honest when I say that I seldom have time to play games these days. Which is a real shame since there are so many great ones available these days. Probably explains why I have a stack of them sitting on my PS4. Fortunately, I sometimes get to live precariously through my 10 year old Grandson. Because other than making sure his school work is done, he has no such time restrictions. His choices in games are quite diverse but he’s always had a predilection toward games of suspense and exploration. And if there are some fun creatures thrown in, so much the better. So when Stratton Studios released Costume Kingdom, it was a game that was right up his alley. So with thanks to Stratton Studios, George and I played together. Well, actually he played and I was a family room back couch driver.

Open Environments

As the game started, I realized that Costume Kingdom has many elements that I myself look for in a game. First and foremost is an open world environment. The ability to explore different locations in any order, as long as you acquire the means to do so. I’m not one to be tied down to a set sequence of events. Costume Kingdom allows for that. You just need to obtain the way to get to new areas. Whether that means the ability to double jump, glide, or perhaps use a special key. Multiple missions and tasks are available as are battles. (Battles are George’s favorite).

It has been pointed out more than a few times from various reviews about the similarities between Kingdom and Pokémon, and there are. Truth be known, I have never played Pokémon. So the similarities are lost on me. And while some see this a drawback, for George, it was a comfort. Familiarity breeds playability, at least as far as he is concerned. Probably explains why he was able to jump right in with ease.

Trick or Treat

Another of the elements that proved to be fun was the trick or treat aspect. Seeing as it is Halloween, your character Rain, goes from house to house seeking Candy. Sometimes you get a treat, more candy which helps you to level up, and sometimes you get the trick, which leads to battle. Depending on who you face, these battles can go easy, or sometimes, as the levels get more advanced, they can get hard. On the plus side, Costume Kingdom is a forgiving game. If you are defeated you get brought right back in. How nice of the folks in MonkChester. But while defeat is part of the game, quitting during a battle is not looked upon so forgivably. Apparently, cowardice is not appreciated when pursuing the Apex Cup. But hey, he’s a kid…give Rain (or George) a break.

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Fun is the Game

The main thing about Costume Kingdom is it’s a lot of fun. That was true for George and for me. Even if all I was basically was a noisy spectator. I enjoy watching my Grandson have fun. I also realized that George keeps a running dialogue when he is playing. Just like his Papa. As I said, FUN! Of course, any game that has fishing in it moves it up MY fun gauge.

It’s not a lengthy game but there’s lots to explore and the characters are cute. At least they are to me. As for George, he sees most of them as the enemy, so they must go down. No cute allowed in George’s world. But for him, that’s also part of the fun. So, in that sense, Costume Kingdom fits the bill. And speaking of the bill, at $9.99, it’s an inexpensive good time. Check it out from the PlayStation Store.

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