Imagine you found out that you and everyone else you know or don’t know face a global extinction. Six days left to live. What would you do with the time you have left? Would you just accept the inevitable or would you try to find a solution? Perhaps…even BE the solution. That’s the dilemma Brenton Demm faces in The Pull.

As one of Earth’s 13 Horizon Agents, Brenton had made it his life to save people. At least until his desire to save the day resulted in a horrible tragedy that he could not get over. So now, he’s reached the point that end of the world or not…he doesn’t give a damn. However, his former lover Gayano has sought him out. She has figured out how to save the world and she needs his help. All she needs is for him to get over his failures, pull himself together and work with her. But is there more to what Gayano wants than salvation? The Undoer is coming, just as Maximo Tithe predicted. Now all they have to do is survive or the equivalent of it. But what caused all this?

The Dangers of Hard Heat

It was a find of earth-changing proportions. Although at the time no one realized to what scope. It was called Marbelite. A quantum material that drew strength from the deepest part of the earth. Through it, and it’s duplication, weapons were made and a police force was created to use them, The Horizon. Thirteen in all with a prosthesis made for each. The power drawn was known as Hard Heat and it was without equal.

Of course, for all who believed that Hard Heat was the way of the future, there were others who saw it as the means for the Earth’s destruction. One of those who warned of the danger was Maximo Tithe. He warned that the “Undoer” was coming, being drawn by the Hard Heat, to destroy the Earth. His beliefs were so powerful and persuasive that he drew a cult like following. He also happened to be Brenton Demm’s girlfriend’s father…and he was crazy. At least that is what the thirteen thought. Maximo was threatening to blow up himself and his followers.  Just to miss out on the impending destruction that the abuse of Hard Heat was going to cause. Basically trading one demise for another. But the situation was so dire that the entirety of the Horizon Force was called.

Demm’s Disastrous Decision

After barely considering options, Demm rushed in to “defuse” the situation. He thought he could talk Maximo down because of his relationship with his daughter. But he was wrong. And through his intervention, the explosive was detonated, and Maximo and many others were killed. Demm survived but he was damaged in other ways. His girlfriend Gayono left him, in no small part for his involvement in Maximo’s death. No that they hadn’t already had their issues. This was just the straw that broke the relationships back.

As the arrival of the Undoer comes closer, people are coping as best as they can. Many choosing to go out on their own terms. As for Demm, he also was coping as best he could until Gayano came to him for help. She needed him to help her to obtain the pieces she believes will preempt the coming disaster. One last chance to save the day, if he was up to it. From there, the story follows the pair as they attempt to complete Gayano’s device and the results of their efforts. I leave it for you to read to find out the events but it is definitely worth your attention.


As written by Steve Orlando, The Pull is a non-stop explosive thrill ride. Even more impressive is the relevant commentary it makes hidden in the explosions and conflict. Orlando’s narrative discusses the dangers of abusing a found natural resource and the possible planet wide ramifications of that act. It also addresses the impact that those poor decisions can have on those that follow us, our children. All of these concepts are wrapped in an action packed sci-if bow. Good stuff.

Of course, a great story is only half the equation. Fortunately for Orlando, he brought Ricardo Lopez Ortiz in to the party. Ortiz pushes the tale along with an intense anime style. Each panel is crackling with energy and unique visuals. When combined with the vibrant color work of Triona Ferrell, The Pull jumps off the page and then “pulls” you in. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). That all being said, it should be said that The Pull is for a mature audience for language and shall we say, adult interaction. But if you can get past that, you would be remiss if you didn’t check it out. The Pull can be found in a six book series or in a Trade Paperback where great comics are sold.

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