Rising of Shield Hero Review

  • Character

The characters in Rising of the Shield Hero can be a bit cliche such as three of the four Legendary Heroes: Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki, as for Naofumi I find his arc well developed. Starting off as the hero blamed for rape, to a hero most people start to adore. Not only is Naofumi a great character but his whole team from Raphtalia, Filo, and Melty they all bring the best out of Naofumi and vise verse. The whole team compliments each other in a way they make each other better for it.

We also get other great characters such as Glass, L’Arc Berg, Therese, Fitoria, Mirellia (the Queen), and Erhard.

  • Theme

The first part of the series is truly incredible and dives into issues that most other stories choose to ignore. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it is important non the less, and one of those topics is False accusations about rape. In this society, men are usually portrayed as the bad guy, deservingly so, but we never usually accuse women of lying and for Rising of Shield Hero speak on this topic, of course, it would cause controversy but it needed to be told.

  • Story

The first half of Rising of Shield Hero was well fleshed out, as I pointed out before the first half focus on false accusations. This is where Naofumi gets falsely accused of rape by Malty and through the season you will find out why she did that, but after that issue is resolved the rest of the story feels a bit slowed down and we still have some questions unanswered so hopefully we will get a season two, to clear up some of those questions.

In Rising of Shield Hero we also get the same basic themes in most anime’s like Friendship, never giving up etc. For me, I do not mind them but it can become a bit cringe.

  • Animation/Character Design

The animation for Rising of Shield Hero is the best I’ve seen but it is really incredible! The action is fluid and every movement is appealing to the eyes. Do you know how some anime have boring character design and end up being forgettable? With Rising of Shield Hero that is not the case.

  • Overall Feeling

Rising of Shield Hero overall is a great show especially and that’s a good thing since there are not many great Isekai anime’s out there. Of course, there are exceptions such as Sword Art Online, Re-Zero, and Spirited Away. Great first half but the second half is where most of my critics stem from.

  • Watch/Ignore

This is a must watch show it has funny moments, edgy moments, and everything in between.

  • Score

I am going to give Rising of Shield Hero a 7/10

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