Now that the Wild Card games are out of the way, it’s time to get into the real business. While many people consider the Wild Card games the postseason (and technically it is), it seems a lot like a play in game for the actual postseason. So, while the Rockies beat the Cubs, the Brewers were watching and waiting for the winner. This’ll be a fun series between two somewhat similar teams. Milwaukee has a superior bullpen, while Colorado has better starters. Both teams have great batters like Christian Yelich, Lorenzo Cain, Nolan Arenado, and Charlie Blackmon. With two teams who haven’t been this far in a couple of years, expect a fun, entertaining series.

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Series Schedule:

Game 1: @ Milwaukee 10/4 at 5pm EST on FS1

Game 2: @ Milwaukee 10/5 at 4pm EST on FS1

Game 3: @ Colorado 10/7 at 4:30pm EST on MLB Network

Game 4*: @ Colorado 10/8 at TBD on FS1 or MLB Network

Game 5*: @ Milwaukee 10/10 at TBD on FS1 or MLB Network

Series Preview:

This series is going to come down to the pitching, I feel like. Both teams have strong bullpens, but it’s going to come down to who’s bullpen will be the best. In a 5 game series like this, it’s very important to win Game 1. Brewers manager Craig Counsell announced that he would be “bullpenning” Game 1, something that did not work for the A’s last night. Pitching for the Rockies will be Anthonio Senzatela, who was 6-6 with a 4.38 ERA this past season. Not the ideal pitching matchup. However, don’t sleep on this game, as it’ll be a goodie, and could very well decide the series. With bats like Lorenzo Cain, Christian Yelich, and Ryan Braun one would be tempted to pick the Brewers. However, the Rockies clearly have the better starters with Kyle Freeland, who will pitch Game 3, and German Marquez, who will pitch Game 4. The kicker here for the Brewers is that they’re going to have to win either Game 1 or 2. If Colorado wins one in Milwaukee, they could very easily come back and finish the Brewers at home, where they’ve been 1 run better than on the road.

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The Prediction: Brewers in 5; MVP: Christian Yelich

I can see this one going to 5 games, with the home team winning every game. Both crowds will be crazy and the home field advantage will be a lot to handle. Yelich is on fire right now, and until anyone can cool him off, I’m rolling with him. He’s just too hot right now.  The Brewers went 5-2 against the Rockies this year, and outscored the Rockies 40-31 in those matchups. Now, I know this doesn’t matter, but it kinda does. When you played a team 7 times and only beat them twice, that’s not ideal. However, it is October and anything can happen. I won’t be surprised if the Rockies pull another upset here, but I’d place my money on the Brew Crew.


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