Put on your big-girl pants, because Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings series could possibly contain nudity. Le gasp! I know, so scandalous. In all seriousness, it looks like the Prime series is going to diverge from the movies in the way of being more geared towards adults. These rumors come from casting calls, which are currently calling for:

“Actors must be comfortable with nudity”

It’s now been discovered, via Knight Edge Media; that New Zealand native Jennifer Ward-Lealand may be working for an “Amazon UAP” – which has been rumored to be the working title for the Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings series. Ward-Lealand is an Intimacy Coordinator – you can see her upcoming projects below (which feature the Amazon UAP):

“An intimacy coordinator is a staff member who ensures the well-being of actors who participate in sex scenes or other intimate scenes in theater, film, and television production.”

Do you care that Lord of the Rings may be showcasing nudity and sexuality? Or do you not mind? Or do you think the show should follow the films, which do not include nudity? Let us know!

Source: Knight Edge Media

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