Just a few years ago, Donald Glover’s Deadpool animated series was cut before it ever happened. Which, disappointed fans who were excited to see what the talented actor and musician would do with the character. With Deadpool now in Disney’s hands, fans have been waiting to see what a Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool project would look like.

While a third Deadpool film is in the works at Disney, Murphy’s Multiverse is coming out with the rumor that a series could be going to Hulu. An animated series that is – which, would make sense as Hulu is home for other adult cartoons. However, this is interesting considering Fox passed on an adult-themed animated show a few years ago. So, would Disney be the one to actually bring it back? If they have Ryan Reynolds lead it, would it connect to the live-action franchise?

This is a rumor right now – so, let’s wait to see if something comes of it.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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