If there’s one thing Disney doesn’t like – it’s controversy. Which, is why the studio will probably want to deal with this whole Ray Park situation as quickly and quietly as possible.

Eneba Many GEOs

In case you didn’t know, Ray Park had been rumored to reprise his role as Darth Maul in several live-action Star Wars shows. Which, fans were happy about. Darth Maul is a fan-favorite character and people have been wanting to see him get his due for a while. But, with some sexually explicit/controversial content coming from Park, will Disney just move forward without him?

Rumors are not circulating that Lucasfilm and Disney will move forward with Darth Maul. Not Ray Park. This is just a report right now, but considering Darth Maul is a character with head to toe paint, you can get someone else. People seem to like the idea of Sam Witwer playing the character. He voices Darth Maul is several animated shows. So, why not give him the chance to play the part in a live-action capacity?

Do you think Disney should replace Ray Park? Who should play this iconic Star Wars character?

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