We cannot wait to meet more characters in The Witcher realm and season two promises to add plenty. According to Comicbook, Sigismund Dijkstra is one character that we may see in the second season of this hit Netflix show. Sigismund is a spy in The Witcher universe who was head of the Redanian Intelligence once upon a time. The reason why it’s being reported that the character may show up is because there are apparently auditions taking place. There are rumors that Graham McTavish auditioned for the part, but we aren’t aware if he got the part.

This comes from the Redanian Intelligence fansite who has been really good about getting their reports on the nose. They say that there were a video and a script leaked featuring the McTavish audition. In the audition, Dijkstra was never mentioned. The name David was used on the script, but this is believed to be a codename. In the script, David id talking with King Vizimir about gossip and news. It’s assumed David is Dijkstra due to the lines being spoken mentioned spies.

This is all speculation and rumors, but as soon as we hear more, we will let you know!

Source: CB

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