Rumored ‘BLACK PANTHER 2’ Plot Details Have Been Revealed

Last week a HUGE report dropped that Doctor Doom would be making his MCU debut in Black Panther 2. Now FandomWire has dropped two more reports from Black Panther 2, one being the plot details surrounding the film and one that Erik Killmonger himself, Michael B. Jordan will reprise his role in the film. The site does not say how Killmonger will return but we know the dead do not stay dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As far as the plot details go, SPOILER WARNING before we go any further …

The film is said to open with a tribute to T’Challa in the Black Panther suit and it will serve as a send off for the character and a way to pay respects to Chadwick Boseman.  With T’Challa gone, Wakanda is in turmoil and vulnerable to attacks. FandomWire says that Shuri will indeed become the next Black Panther and she will try to protect her kingdom from the threat of Namor and Atlantis. Namor has been rumored for quite some time. A large portion of Black Panther 2 will be underwater as well. At the center of the feud between Atlantis and Wakanda is Doctor Doom himself.

That is all that is revealed at this time. Keep in mind that Ryan Coogler is rewriting the script after the passing of Chadwick and while some of this might have been in the original script, there is no telling how much is still there now. As stated before, Namor and Atlantis have long been rumored for Black Panther 2 but the inclusion of Erik Killmonger and Doctor Doom make this film even more interesting.

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Source: FandomWire 

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