Savage: Brand New Comic From Max Bemis and Nathan Stockman Promises to Be a Wild Ride

Get ready for an all-new story this June!

Savage #1 comes from the critically-acclaimed writer Max Bemis and artist Nathan Stockman. This new, thrilling series center around Kevin Sauvage aka Savage. Savage grew up on a remote island that is filled with terrifying dinosaurs and marauders. All Savage knew was survival. How does that carry over now that he’s living in London? And now that he’s a viral sensation? Savage will have to learn how to adjust in his modern-day apartment, but his upbringing will come into play with dinosaurs invade London.

Max expressed:

“SAVAGE is the biggest story I’ve ever told. As in it’s my aesthetic turned up to eleven and crammed into the skin of a summer blockbuster film. If you dig the more fun and up-tempo stuff I’ve done like Worst X-Man Ever, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.”Nathan also expressed what it was like working on this comic:

“This series is everything I love about comics. It’s big action, laughs, and a great story. Every page has something I enjoy drawing and hopefully that energy will translate to the readers. I want them to have as much fun reading as I’m having drawing!”

Editor David Menchel also raved about Max’s vision:

“Max is bringing brutality and humor together in a truly unique way, simultaneously delivering high octane thrills and deeply clever laughs. Nate has been turning in pages that perfectly balance the absurdity and violence in a way I didn’t think was possible. There’s no other team that could deliver this particular story as well as these guys are, and that message is loud and clear from page one all the way to page twenty.”

Keep an eye out for Savage #1 that will hit shelves on June 17th of this year.

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