By now, you’ve probably seen Avengers: Endgame a handful of times. That means, you’ve seen Black Widow die numerous times. Endgame defeated Thanos, but also cost the MCU two of its longest-running players i.e. Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff. Even though Scarlett Johansson has gotten a solo movie [finally], it’s a prequel. Because, as I said, Black Widow is dead. Brought up to Vormir, Black Widow met the same fate Gamora did in Avengers: Infinity War. While her death was the result of a race to “see who dies first” between her and Hawkeye, that scene might have gone a different way.

Johansson explains that the two Avengers would have been overrun by an “army of Dementor-type creatures” and went on to say:

I was thinking, ‘Parents will never forgive us for how these creatures look.”

Why did Black Widow have to die in the first place? Co-director Joe Russo had explained last year:

Eneba Many GEOs

“At the beginning of Endgame, she wants to bring it all back because she feels like it is the strongest emotional connection that she’s ever had in her life. She’s presented with a choice, which is to give her own life to bring everyone else back and she does it. Which [is] the single most heroic moment in the history of the Marvel Universe.”

What did you think of Natasha’s death?

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