In an alternate reality – maybe after a single snap from Thanos reduces half the universe to dust – there may live a place where beloved film, comic, and TV characters could co-exist. The studio? Who cares. The publisher? I’m just here to enjoy the story. But, alas, everyone’s biggest fantasy of DC and Marvel characters crossing paths is as likely as me receiving an admittance letter to Hogwarts. 

However, in light of our global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, comic shops have been forced to close their doors – and like many businesses, they are struggling. Enter Gail Simone, Birds of Prey writer. In an effort to give the industry a much-needed boost when stores receive the green light to reopen, Simone tweeted out a marvelous idea:

“When comics shops open back up as we all hope they will, I would love it if DC and Marvel could ask the lawyer to step outside, and have another big Marvel/DC crossover.” In a follow-up tweet, she continued on to say, “But it could make a HUGE difference to shops.”

After her #PleaseMarvelDC tweet, other creators chimed in to show their support:

Prior to a special Quarantine Watch Party with Shazam! Director, David F. Sandberg, decided to get the filmmaker’s thoughts on a crossover – asking him to reveal which interaction he would be excited to see come to life. So, if such a fantasy world existed, who would Sandberg pair up? Shazam! And Marvel’s Spider-Man

“I mean, I’m a big Spider-Man fan,” Sandberg said. “So I mean, that’s the first thing that pops into my head, because I just love Spider-Man. I don’t know how they’d work together.” 

He went on to say although Shazam is portrayed by fully-grown adult, Zachary Levi, the hero is “very much” a teenager just occupying the body of a God. From that perspective, it puts Billy Batson and Peter Parker on equal ground when it comes to their age. 

Sigh. Levi and Asher Angel sharing the big-screen with Tom Holland would be a treat. But, as fun as it is to fantasize about it, Simone quickly burst everyone’s bubble stating that it “will never happen.” 

Eneba Many GEOs

What Marvel/DC character crossover would you love to see? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 


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