The Comey Rule is an upcoming four-hour miniseries starring Jeff Daniels as former FBI director James Comey. It also stars Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump. The miniseries is based on Comey’s memoir A Higher Loyalty. Originally, it had a November airdate. Showtime has now made the decision to air the project on September 27th and 28th.

If the show had maintained its original airtimes, it would have premiered a few weeks after the November 3rd election. This move began with writer and director Billy Ray criticizing the post-election airdate decision in an email to the cast. Here is that letter:

“I know what a disappointment this is to you. It is for me too – because while I’ve made movies about my country before, this was the first time I ever made a movie for my country. We all were hoping to get this story in front of the American people months before the coming election. And that was a reasonable expectation considering that we’d been given a mandate by the network to do whatever was necessary to deliver by May 15.

“But at some point in March or April, that mandate changed. Word started drifting back to me that a decision about our airdate had been made at the very highest levels of Viacom: All talk of our airing before the election was suddenly a ‘non-starter.’ I and my fellow producers asked for a chance to plead our case on the matter, but we were told that even the discussion itself was a ‘non-starter.’ (So was the idea of our getting the movie back from the network so as to seek another partner to air it.)”

The Comey Rule is also based on the interviews Ray conducted with the real-life figures in the story. The miniseries will gibe you a behind-the-scenes account of the 2016 election and the aftermath. The Comey Rule also stars Holly Hunter, Michael Kelly, Jennifer Ehle, Peter Coyote, Steven Pasquale, Oona Chaplin, William Sadler, Scoot McNairy, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and T.R. Knight.

I’m sure this miniseries will upset…someone who resides in the White House, but I’m looking forward to watching The Comey Rule. Are you?

Source: THR

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