‘Sin City’ Rights Revert Back To Frank Miller

After a legal settlement between Lantern Capital Partner and Frank Miller, Miller has regained the television rights to develop his 1991 Noir comic Sin City. Miller also regained  the film rights to the first 2005 Sin City film adaptation that starred Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Mickey Rourke. The rights were originally tied up in the sale of Harvey Weinstein’s, The Weinstein Company, to Lantern Capital as part of his bankruptcy. Miller had objected to his work being part of the settlement so the parties worked out an arrangement where the TV rights and the first film would not be included and be transferred back to Miller. The settlement does not include the rights to the later sequel, “A Dame to Kill.” This new arrangement now gives Miller the right to pursue a possible television venue for his popular creation. Miller has not indicated whether or not he will adapt the series for television or another motion picture.

How do you feel about this news? Would you like to see Frank Miller bring Sin City to television, maybe via Netflix or another streaming service? Perhaps Miller and HBO could adapt the property. We will bring you more news once we have it. Stay tuned to Geek Vibes Nation for all your GEEK related entertainment and news.

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