Six Ideas To Help You Turn A Hard Day Into A Productive One

Everyone has days when you feel discouraged and irritated. When you feel like not doing the dishes, not cleaning the house, not doing your homework, pay for paper writing instead of writing it yourself at home, not studying notes, not going to work. Everyone has had moments that knock us out of the saddle, take away our confidence and belief in ourselves. But it is part and parcel of the race called “life” and the privilege we have been given to be human.

When we have a difficult day, many play the role of victim, seeking solitude, blaming other people or life circumstances for their troubles, and even beginning to sincerely believe in their own powerlessness. But he who acknowledges his helplessness is merely looking for an excuse. No one who considers himself a victim has ever succeeded in changing the world.

Here are six practical tips to help you stay focused and accomplish great things, even on the toughest days.

  1. Development and progress are always accompanied by anxiety and confusion

The very nature of any growth (business, personality, etc.) implies that we will have to face disappointments, confusion and what we call “difficulties.” So just remember that a challenge is progress in wolf’s clothing. And the challenges you face are not at all signals to retreat, but indicators that you are evolving, moving forward.

  1. Try to think like an entrepreneur.

Whatever you do for a living, the entrepreneurial mindset serves you well. Entrepreneurs know that the only way to succeed is to hunt for opportunities that lurk beneath the guise of trouble. And they understand that the best of the best is not the one who gets good results in favorable circumstances, but the one who masterfully gets out when everything around them collapses.

  1. Don’t lose sight of perspective

On a tough day, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “Am I already dead?” Remember: if you are healthy, have a job, people who love you, and a roof over your head, you are already very lucky. Treat life with gratitude – it is the best remedy for disappointment. Looking to the future in times of crisis is a true leadership quality.

  1. Manage your way of thinking

In order to look to the future, you need to be able to protect your mindset (if you want to be a creator of your life and a world-class professional, then know that your mindset is much more important than your intelligence level). You can easily drown in a sea of self-pity on a hard day if you dwell on negative thoughts. Therefore, I urge you to do the opposite – fence off trouble with a “shell” of absolute focus on the most valuable opportunities. Don’t watch the news on TV, turn on the “silencer” in yourself that blocks the opinions of naysayers (all critics are nothing but dreamy cowards), do a “detox” of your thoughts – and again focus on achieving outstanding results.

  1. Energize yourself with inner energy.

Your productivity and work quality-and therefore your success-are directly tied to your inner sanity. The door to success goes inward, not outward, as public opinion would have us believe. So on a difficult day, it’s important to take care of your “inner assets”. Go for a jog, go for a walk in nature, write in your journal, read the autobiographies of people you admire, take a rest. And breathe with your full breath.

  1. Stay on the path to your personal “Everest.

Leonardo da Vinci’s words of wisdom always helped me on my own darkest days: “Set a course for the star of your choice and you will ride out any storm. Do you want to be strong and determined? Then you need to be exceptionally clear about your goals and mission (a fuzzy vision leads to equally fuzzy results). Determine which pinnacle you’re headed for. Then you will not be knocked off your feet by the slap that you will sooner or later be pelted with a “hard” day. And you will continue to walk toward your goal with even more confidence than before.

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